How To Play Sports At Home Without Distubring Niegbors?

The exercise at home , a practical idea to save time and money, but it can sometimes cause you some trouble with the neighborhood. For your neighbors to see your sports sessions, check out the 7 tricks of the coach FizzUp! 1 | PREVENT YOUR NEIGHBORS In order to avoid any problems with your neighborhood, let them know. Explain to […]

motivate yourself to do sport alone at home

How To Motivate Yourself To Do Sport Alone At Home?

Today we talk about the subject of home sport. Slimfit PROGRAM is a workout you can do at home, but how to motivate yourself? Here are our best tips! 18:00 End of the day, the children still have homework, you have to prepare to eat, take a shower, take care of the dog, Sir (or Madame!) Râle […]