Louis Pasteur - A father of microbiology

Louis Pasteur – A father of microbiology

There are some scientists who are credited with saving countless lives and Louis Pasteur is among that list. He helped to develop vaccines that would save the lives of millions and his discoveries about germs would change the face of medicine forever. Even food safety owes itself to the findings of this great scientist. Pasteur […]

Has CBD now gone truly mainstream?

Has CBD now gone truly mainstream?

Cannabidiol (CBD), the compound derived from the cannabis plant, is increasingly being used in a multitude of products, including drinks, now that regulations governing its use have subsided and consumer interest in the compound and its benefits have grown. Capitalising on a growing trend CBD started to appear on the menu of cafes, such as […]

Eliminating mold in a building with the latest equipment

Mold in buildings can cause severe health issues to both human beings and pets. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the mold growth effectively for enhancing the quality of life. Molds can develop anywhere in a building where the moisture conditions are high. Building owners should make sure that the walls, roof, and other important […]