4 Tips for Being the Perfect Game Show Contestant

You never thought it would happen, but the game show production team called and they want you. Since getting this far was something you didn’t expect to happen, not a lot of preparation was done. Now is the time to transform yourself into the ideal contestant. Here are some tips that will help.

Go Over the Show Rules

You have a general idea of what the show is all about, but how well do you know the rules? Most casual viewers miss one or two. Even if you happen to watch a version that’s popular in one country, that doesn’t mean all the same rules apply to the version airing in a different nation. If you find yourself on vacation and have the change to participate in japanese game show, set aside what you think you know and learn the rule for this particular version.

Figure Out What to Wear

What sort of attire is considered appropriate for contestants? Some game shows call for casual attire that would be suitable for a date. Others prefer contestants to wear the same type of clothing they would wear in an office environment. Depending on what sort of events could occur during the game, go with something that fits in with the dress code and will be easy to keep clean.

4 Tips for Being the Perfect Game Show Contestant

Remember that many game shows film multiple episodes in a single day. If you happen to win and come back several times, you need more than one outfit. Consider taking along things you can mix and match to come up with different outfits. That will make it easier to change between filmings and always look your best.

Binge Watch Old Episodes

If there are still any questions about that take place, set aside several hours to binge watch old episodes. Thanks to several popular video sites, finding plenty of episodes will be easy.

Pay close attention to everything that happens in those episodes. You want to study the way the emcee interacts with contestants, the pace of the show, and what sorts of questions or activities take place. Your goal is to prepare yourself for just about anything that could happen. Doing so will increase the odds of joining those who have won quite a bit of money or prizes on different Japanese game shows.

Show Up Ahead of Time

Tardiness is not an option. Make sure you allow extra time to get to the studio where the show is produced. Doing so ensures you are there for all the warmup activity, including the chance to ask questions before air time. Add this to all your other advance preparation and you’ll be more than ready to enjoy your day on television.

Above all, decide you will relax and have a good time. Anything you win will be something that you never had before anyway. Even if things don’t go well, many shows provide consolation prizes. That will mean you have some laughs and go home with something that can probably be put to good use.

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