5 Questions to Consider Before Buying New Industrial Shelving

Warehouses and workshops require ample shelving of one kind or another, often several, and not infrequently shops and private homes also encounter a need for industrial-grade racking. The problem is that different kinds of items need storage or display solutions of very different shapes and sizes. If your racked items are harder to access and take up more space after your shelving is installed than they did before, then it isn’t much of a solution.

5 Questions to Consider Before Buying New Industrial Shelving

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Perusing the catalogues of storage solution suppliers and shop outfitters may leave you even more uncertain about what you need. The possibilities are numerous, but here are five major factors you must take into consideration.


The lowest prices are a poor guide to the cheapest solutions. You have to calculate the benefits that will derive from using that product before you can assess its real practical value to you. Crucial considerations will include its load-bearing capacity and whether it can be adapted to carry pallets of variable or non-standard sizes.


Basically, this means predicting the type of goods that you may need to rack in the foreseeable future and considering their different shapes and sizes and frequency of access. Again, racking that is adaptable for different types of pallet or other containers may be the versatile solution you need for the longer run.


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As well as the shape, size and design of the goods and shelves, you need to consider the shape, size and access points of the room where they’ll be installed. Don’t forget to consider the height of beams or ceilings and the availability of window light.

Using Height

High bay racking can dramatically increase your storage capacity, but if you haven’t watched videos of warehouse racking collapsing, take a look now.

A professional installer such as https://www.rackzone.ie/shelving/industrial-residential-shelving, who provide industrial shelving in Ireland, will guarantee safe installation with additional bracing strategies and safety meshes when required.

Also remember to factor in the cost of lifts and cranes and the extra training overheads.


Maximising storage capacity and facilitating frequent access are sometimes contradictory requirements. If you own a fridge-freezer, you will find the volume of the fridge is typically double that of the freezer, even though they will hold the same amount of food. Access requirements are a major determinant of the ideal storage solution.

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