5 Reasons To Learn How To Play Blues On Guitar

We can all agree that playing guitar is not only about strumming a few chords at a beach in front of cheering crowd. Playing guitar, like any other instrument, requires lots of time spent learning and adapting to certain styles.

5 Reasons To Learn How To Play Blues On Guitar

You will have a chance to learn a few tricks if you visit Trusty Guitar’s website. In here, we wanted to help you to understand where to start and how to progress. It is a common recommendation that every single guitarist should learn how to play blues.

You may start from the beginning, or in your future years, but knowing it will open a whole another world to your guitar playing style. Most elements that popular music uses derive from blues, which is why knowing it is like creating the stable groundwork for the future.

We decided to present you the most important reasons why you should learn how to play blues on guitar as soon as possible:

  1. Best Way To Learn Phrasing

If you want to adapt your style and learn to phrase, blues is the best solution for you. It is the best styles when it comes to learning how to phrase, especially because it forces you to come up with different solutions to the certain melody.

Two main factors for phrasing are release and tension. Blues will make you learn how to use a tone and melody in minimalistic percent, with the idea to cut scale down and to make it bluesy.

You have to use fragments of blues scale and use it in the mode of a song you’re practicing with.

  1. You Will Work On Your Vibrato

Playing the guitar is not only memorizing chords, but you also have to learn certain styles and capabilities so that you can improve your play. Vibrato is an essential part of every guitarist, especially if you want to play solo parts.

However, in blues vibrato is subtle and will give you the ability to control it from hand, which is important for the future lessons where you will have to use vibrato on fast licks. Subtle vibrato sounds like Hendrix, Clapton, SRV and many more.

When you develop this particular technique, you will be able to use vibrato with all your fingers and to keep it in tune. Practicing something slow will help you play it faster, and blues is best because you will have to control every single tone.

For more information on vibrato, you can check by clicking here.

  1. Understand How Changes Function

One of the ways is to enter the blues lick by playing the same scale repeatedly. However, you will get sick of it after a while, which means that you will find other ways to enjoy during playing.

Blues is all about changes, and this is an important way of the understanding format of popular music as well as composition arrangements. For example, 12-bar blues is used in electronic as well as in Robert Johnson acoustic songs from the ’50s.

Some things will never change, so you have to learn them,and by knowing them, you can use the same format to create new and unique songs.

  1. You Will Learn How To Make Guitar Sing

Entering a blues concept and context requires you to do some things that are completely different than other styles that you’ve played, especially if you were into the Spanish or classical guitar. For example, bending notes will give you the possibility to create a solo that will sound as vocal during a solo.

By playing blues, you will learn a wide array of bending techniques, from two-step bends to microtonal ones, which means that you will improve your playing technique and style. If you already know vibrato, you can combine it with bending and get something completely different.

  1. By Learning Blues You Will Learn Everything Else

We have mentioned this particular reason within the article above because blues is great foundations that will help you develop rock, country and even jazz playing. It shares same techniques and common ground, which means that you will improve you, are playing.

For example, rock is clearly a derivative from blues, and it is just a noisier version of the same format. First rock artists used blues standards and songs and covered them in dirtier versions. However, they are just a proof that rock is blues with electricity.

At the same time, entering a world of jazz requires a thorough knowledge of vibrato, bending and what is most important mindless changes that you will learn by playing blues. Of course, jazz uses more complex harmony structure and more significant chord content, but everything lies on same groundwork.


As you can see from everything that we have mentioned above, to become a great guitar player means to handle blues at any time of day or night. It is like an alphabet; you cannot read without knowing letters. The same thing works for blues: you cannot go further until you start from the beginning.

You can, many people neglected blues at the beginning, but when they became solid players, they understood that returning to blues would help them become better. You will have to pass it before or later, and it is always better to do it before.

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