7 Great Ways To Celebrate The On-going Cricket Fever

Indians are crazy when it comes to sports and are flat-out mad when it comes to cricket. All year round, every Indian might need a calendar to remind them of important events, however, it’s not the same when it comes to champions league or yearly IPL matches. They remember every little detail and won’t think twice if they have to miss their meeting to watch a game or so. While girls watch it for Virat Kohli, boys relish the spirit of the game and to them, any cricket league is no less than a festival. And to celebrate this festival, you need to make some prior preparations to grace it in its truest spirit.

birthday cakes

Keep scrolling for some of the great ways with which you can make any innings, a splendid one sitting right at your home.

Big Screen

You might be missing out on a live show, but you can bring the loudest cheers of the tournament in the comforts of your home via renting a big screen. This will enhance the beauty of every shot and make everyone go wow with its presence.

Between The Wickets Gathering

It’s never appreciable to celebrate the zeal of cricket alone. You can always plan things out with your buddies and call them over at your place. You cannot even imagine how awesome would it be to cheer for your team together and say things when your favorite player is bowled out.

Munching Breaks

This is going to be like a never-ending entertaining movie, so you better restock your snacks else who knows how many mesmerizing shots you would miss. When it comes to your munching needs, you can also order pizza and some lip-smacking garlic bread and dips.

Innings Delights

A victory needs to be celebrated and when it comes to celebrating our win, nothing can beat the heavenly bites of delicious fondant cakes. Baked in a super flawless swing, you can order cricket-inspired cakes and these sweet delights can be like birthday cakes for boys who would love to celebrate the sweet victory by cutting a beautiful sumptuous cake.

Steaming Cold

While it’s hot and heavy inside the stadium and outside of it, you need to keep a check on refilling the cold beverages to cool off our agitated audience. Make them taste the thunder or bring the cool drops of mountain dew, make sure you have enough for yourself and everyone around you.

Signature Gifts

A cake has been cut, but the victorious celebration is incomplete without gifts. You can go overboard and order online quirky gifts that are personalized in a cricket theme. You can collect gifts like bats, balls, caps, shoes and if you are watching the match with someone special, you can make some calls and grab signed sports collectibles.

Indians Everywhere

Mark the engrossing night by wearing your team jerseys and entice everyone’s attention by ordering sports apparel for everyone. Jerseys are a crucial part of the game and its absence can spread dullness and make you feel left out unknowingly. Wear it with pride and if you don’t own one, you can always order one.

When it comes to the Indian subcontinent, there’s no bigger festival than cricket. And to celebrate it in its truest spirit, you need to put your best forward and bowl your buddies out with the best of your preparations.

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