A look at the UK’s favourite cat breeds

Around 20 to 30 per cent of all UK households have at least one cat. This independent and sometimes fickle – but always fun – pet is a consistently popular choice amongst new pet owners.

A look at the UK's favourite cat breeds

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UK residents really love cats

Cats come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours, and most people have a favourite type, like a ginger shorthair or a hugely fluffy Persian. Although there are several pure pedigree cat breeds out there, around 92 per cent of the UK population with a cat have a “moggy”.

The British shorthair

This breed consistently takes top spot every year. These cats are loved for their teddy bear-like face and loving nature.

The ragdoll

One of the larger cats around, this longhaired companion will prove loving and faithful. With their dreamy, naïve nature, they tend to do better as largely inside cats, with outside time fully supervised.

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The Maine coon

Introduced from the US in the early 1980s, this larger-sized and super fluffy breed is known to be relaxed and loving, so they make a great family pet. Big eyes and tufty ears also make them extremely photogenic.

The Persian

Fluffballs with round faces and short muzzles, a Persian cat has a cute and distinctive look. This is a smart cat that likes routine and calm. They are generally affectionate but manage well when alone.

The Russian blue

With its dense, short coat in the unusual shades of grey or blue, stunning green eyes and a smiley face, this gorgeous cat is highly coveted. They are smart, love people, and thrive in a busy family environment.

The Siamese

Lithe, with a cute small face and piercing eyes, the Siamese is a heartbreaker from the start. They are sociable with people and other animals, and clever enough to learn tricks.

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Whether your much-loved cat is a backstreet moggy or a high-bred pedigree, one thing is for sure: with a cat, there’s never a dull moment or a day without affection.

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