Are You Aware of Various Pros and Cons of Split Air Conditioners?

These days, a lot of people prefer to use split air conditioner in place of window air conditioners. As the name split suggests, this type of air conditioner has two different units. The indoor unit provides necessary cool air in the room while the outdoor unit is meant for storing the compressor unit and also exhausts of hot air.

Are You Aware of Various Pros and Cons of Split Air Conditioners?

There are some models of split AC available where there are multiple numbers of indoor units which are run by a single compressor. They are also known as duct less as the ducts are not used for circulating the cool air.

Split AC was developed first time in Japan and since then the technology has been spread all over the place. Well-known companies like Voltas, Blue star, Samsung, LG, Hitachi etc. are marketing their product.

Let us discuss about various Pros of split air conditioners:


  • Comparatively easy to install

Unlike central air conditioning system where you need to install duct line all over the place, split AC’s are much easier to install as there are no such activities. You can install such AC in even a smaller size of room and outdoor units need to be installed anywhere outside location within the distance of 100 feet. You have to drill a small hole on the wall so that copper tubing and the wiring connection between outdoor and indoor unit may be passed through this hole.

  • Much easier to maintain

It is much easier to maintain as its filter can easily be removed and washed with water. You need to take out the filter after certain fixed duration and wash it with water. Even outdoor units can be very easily accessed by the maintenance professional for carrying out routine maintenance activities.

  • Noise free operation

Indoor unit of any Daikin split air conditioner or any other maker of air conditioner will offer very negligible amount of sound and therefore very suitable for location like bedroom, classroom, library and boardroom where quiet environment is desired. The outdoor unit must be installed under shade and hence will not disturb anyone.

  • Heating capability

Most of the split air conditioners are also provided with heating facility so that it can be used during winter season to heat the room. Thus, split AC will provide you necessary comfort during all seasons of the year.

  • Cost effectiveness

With split AC, the electricity consumption is much less as compared to traditional air conditioners and hence by using such air conditioners you can save considerably in your electricity bill.

  • Easy to control

Most of the split AC comes with remote control system and therefore it is easier to control the thermostat.

  • Attractive design

Split AC’s are available in very attractive designs and it can very be matched with the decor of any modern houses.


Following are few cons of split AC.

  • Usually split AC’s are fitted at high position and therefore it is little difficult to access for maintenance.
  • Split AC may not be a good choice for those who need to change their residence more often

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