Beginner Guide on How to Edit PDF Documents

PDF (Portable Document Format) is one of the most popular formats used for sharing various types of documents online. It is convenient for preserving the original formats of the documents. PDF is designed to be hard to edit. You need to have a PDF editor software to edit PDF on your computer. This tool is provided in Adobe Acrobat but it is not free.

Beginner Guide on How to Edit PDF Documents

You have to buy the Adobe DC monthly subscription plan to have access to the PDF editing features. You are not obliged to buy this monthly subscription as there are other cheaper solutions. If you don’t want to spend any money, you can use the free online PDF editing tool.

Online PDF editing tool is great for making small changes to the PDF file. For example, you can hide personal information, add annotation, add e-signature,  add new content, and save the PDF in other formats. There is a place where you can drag your PDF or use the browse button to upload your PDF to the website homepage.

When the document appear, you simply use the editing features in the toolbar to edit the document. Once you are done, you can download the PDF that you have edited. Online tool puts a limitation on the PDF file size that you can upload, for example, 50 MB. There are also free PDF editing apps that you can use to edit your PDF documents on the mobile devices.

Another method is to convert the PDF file into another format and work on it in a word processing application, for example, Microsoft Words and Google Docs. You can use online converter tool to convert your PDF into formats like CSV, Microsoft Word, CAD, and Powerpoint. The problem is that it will change the formatting once you have converted it most of the time. It will be troublesome to restore back the original formatting when you are ready to save it in PDF again.

The last option is to purchase a PDF editor software like Movavi PDF editor. This option is cheaper than using Adobe Acrobat because you only pay a one time fee and can use it to edit unlimited PDF documents. It can read image files such as PNG, and JPEG which makes it great for combining your scanned pages into a PDF.

You can interact with the pages in many ways including rotate, delete, rearrange the pages, and insert blank pages. If you didn’t scan some of the pages properly, you can use the software to delete these pages and add back the pages that are rescanned properly. Likewise, you can also edit the pictures by rotating, deleting, changing position and inserting new pictures. Charts and graphs can be added to provide more detailed information in the PDF.

The PDF editor is also a PDF viewer. If you find Adobe Acrobat slow, you can open your PDF in this software and read it. The word can be resized to larger or smaller by adjusting the percentage scale at the bottom. You can extract the pages you need in image formats and save them onto your desktop. To extract a page, you just select it with your mouse and press the extract button on the right. It is available in Windows and Mac version. There is a free trial that you can sign up to try out the features for 7 days.

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