Benefits of reading e-books on your smartphones

While reading a book there are many factors involved in making the experience a pleasant one. First and foremost is the chosen book itself, as the genre of the book has to match with your interests. The second most important point is how you are reading the book. It can either be in the form of paperback, smartphone or any other technology. E-reading has an undoubted edge over printed books for many reasons but primarily because you can’t always carry a printed book.This is where technology comes to the rescue in the form of smartphones. Even if you forget to carry a book, your virtual book in the form a phone will be there by your side. Coming to how one can reap maximum benefits from reading e-books, there are 4 main points which can be taken into consideration.

Benefits of reading e-books on your smartphones

One for the road 

For people who are constantly on the run and hardly get the time to finish even a single book, an eBook is literally the best option to go for. Once you develop the habit of reading on the go, you can also read multiple books simultaneously on your 5.5-inch FHD Display of Panasonic Eluga Ray 700, giving you a seamless experience. This practice is not easy to develop with printed books because it is physically impossible to carry so many books. With the habit of e-reading on your smartphone, you can access your virtual library from anywhere in the world without having to face the hassle of carrying multiple paperbacks.

Online Window Shopping

There is a huge market of different apps like Kobo, Barnes & Noble which allow you to test them initially on the basis of their services and if you like them, you can go ahead with the subscription. Different apps provide different facilities like text highlighting, note taking, bookmarks, access to your library, social sharing tools etc. which make the experience of reading an e-book through an app more interesting and allow you reap all the benefits at once.

Discover Books

One majorbenefit of having an e-book subscription is that you gain the power to explore a plethora of different novels, dramas, encyclopaedias through the sole use of your smartphone. You can get access to new launches and discover your favourite reads by simply logging in through your smartphone and searching about the book you want to read. With so many options to discover from, you’ll never run out of reading books and exploring the deep insights that literature teaches you about.

Offline Reading

One super advantage of having an e-book subscription is that you can download your favourite books or novels anytime and read them offline. Reading them offline, without using your internet also helps you in avoiding distraction which come in the form of unwanted notifications and ads. You can simply download as many books as you want and read them anytime, anywhere. You just need your smartphone and a Wi-Fi to connect. Moreover, this saves you a lot of time as you don’t have to travel miles to visit a bookstore and find your favourite book and wait to reach home before you finally start reading it. You can download an e-book from the comfort of your couch and read it right away without even worrying about the availability of the internet.

Reading an e-book at your level of comfort is one unique quality your smartphone offers you from a plethora of other features. Apart from reading a book, you can also use the memory of your phone to save all your downloaded e-book PDF files in it and a smartphone also allows you to enjoy a number of other features, which can assist you in carrying out your daily routine tasks.

Reading an e-book on your smartphone is definitely a fun and intriguing activity. You have to worry about less things, which helps you increase your focus on reading and allows you to understand the meaning of literature and its theories which actually hold a serious impact on our lives.

A big display smartphone is all you need for a comfortable read. On the other hand, smartphones serve multiple purposes along with providing an additional comfort to your reading habit while you are on the move. There are many smartphones which are suitable here in this context, such as Panasonic Eluga Ray 700 (3GB RAM, 32GB ROM expandable up to 128GB), Xiaomi Note 5 Pro(4GB RAM, 32GB ROM) and Panasonic Eluga Ray 550(3GB RAM, 32GB ROM). Other alternatives are tablets or the Amazon Kindle go to e-book, but it adds up to the unnecessary weight, plus, comes with a hefty price. Buying a tablet or a Kindle, just for the purpose of reading is something which is not feasible. Going for a smartphone sounds like a far better choice, as apart from reading e-books, a smartphone also offers you myriads of different features which you can use on a daily basis.

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