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If you’ve just about your first e-cigarette device, there are a few things you need to look at before you go any further. The flavours available to your from Central Vapors are made using nothing but the finest ingredients to enhance your vape experience. Our goal is to make you enjoy your time with your e-cigarette so all the e-liquid is made is such a way that the exceptional flavours are almost too good to resist.

Central Vapors

Our Range

The range available to you with Central Vapors is large; however, we concentrate on ensuring that each serving of e-liquid is fresh, luxurious and do not compromise on quality. They are made and distilled daily so that you only enjoy some of the finest liquid.

For an exceptional experience, your preference should be the premium range which is handcrafted during an elaborate process to provide you with the finest. Each liquid is handmade so that each component is curated to perfection.

No matter what your nicotine preference is or the ratio of PG/VG, we’re confident that you will love it. What sets Central Vapors apart from its competitors is that if you’re not completely satisfied with the standard of your liquid, you can talk to the team and get a free replacement.

Taste and Flavours

Each e-cigarette comes with a burst of flavour. You can choose from over one hundred and fifty types of flavours that will make your vape experience one of the best. By ordering online, you can have your vape liquid delivered to your home directly, and you can avoid the hassle of making your purchases and looking for the perfect blend you want.

Customise E-Liquid

Do you wish for something stronger? Or, perhaps you wish for a milder blend. Whatever you are looking for can be bought from Central Vapors who will be able to customise your blend according to your preference. You can decide on your desired PG/VG amount in your liquid.

If you’re not sure what ‘PG’ means, this is essentially the carrier of flavour that allows you to enjoy the bold taste of your e-cigarette flavour. If you overdo this, you might not enjoy the strong hit on your throat that will make the entire experience sublime. ‘VG’ helps with the density of the clouds you smoke, that this also contributed to the sweet aftertaste you enjoy in your liquid.

Making your First Purchase

With a range of 150 flavours, it’s only natural that you cannot make up your mind. That’s why we have the option of purchasing sample packs. You can pay and get this great deal so you can experiment and explore the types of flavours and their range. We have great deals on our website that allows you to choose just what you like.

You liquid is just as important as having the device. If you have a great unit, it’s only fair by it that you use the best liquid available in the market. Talk to Central Vapors to find out how you can get yours today.

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