How To Avoid Losing In Rummy

How To Avoid Losing In Rummy

It is quite disheartening when you lose in a game that you’ve been playing for a long time. Rummy, a popular card game that most Indians engage in during free time, is an easy game to learn and master. At the same time, it is also easy to lose in it. All you need is […]

Sports injuries

Sports Injuries: How To Play Sports Without Getting Hurt?

Have you found a physical activity that you like and want to practice this sport on a regular basis? Be careful not to hurt yourself! To avoid tears, sprains, sprains and other sports injuries, follow these few recommendations and expert advice. If you are out of shape or in good health, seek the advice of your doctor before […]

play sports when you have your period

How To Play Sports When You Have Your Period?

Nicknamed the ragnagnas , the red alert or the girl thing, the rules  – also called  menstruation – are present each month at most of the women before the famous stage of menopause . This poorly known feminine phenomenon has given rise for centuries to delirious interpretations such as: the rules turn the mayonnaise, do not wash your hair during this period, the blood of the rules is […]


How To Play Sports At Home Without Distubring Niegbors?

The exercise at home , a practical idea to save time and money, but it can sometimes cause you some trouble with the neighborhood. For your neighbors to see your sports sessions, check out the 7 tricks of the coach FizzUp! 1 | PREVENT YOUR NEIGHBORS In order to avoid any problems with your neighborhood, let them know. Explain to […]

motivate yourself to do sport alone at home

How To Motivate Yourself To Do Sport Alone At Home?

Today we talk about the subject of home sport. Slimfit PROGRAM is a workout you can do at home, but how to motivate yourself? Here are our best tips! 18:00 End of the day, the children still have homework, you have to prepare to eat, take a shower, take care of the dog, Sir (or Madame!) Râle […]

play free sports in Paris in winter

How To Play free Sports In Paris In Winter?

THE GOOD PLANS – Mathilde Gaudéchoux, a journalist at Le Figaro , delivers his tips on how to deal with everyday problems without breaking your piggy bank. The end of year celebrations are over and your good resolutions remain stubborn. But you will not make yourself have. This year, you have sworn to do sports, yes, but without spending […]


5 Tips To Make Sport At Home

Doing sports at home is easy! Indeed, we offer several ways to exercise a physical activity in you , even if you do not have much time. So fitness is now! DOMYOS LIVE: FREE FITNESS CLASSES AT HOME Thanks to the Domyos Live interface, you can enjoy free live Domyos Club courses wherever you are. The wide amplitude of the hours, […]

sports without suffering

How To Play Sports Without Suffering?

Doing sports does not necessarily rhyme with pain, tiredness, fatigue … Sport is also, above all, a moment of relaxation, pleasure and conviviality when practiced by many. Sports are often used to lose weight, but sports activities are not only used to lose a few drops. Sport is much more than that … Sport: a philosophy of […]

play sports

How To Play Sports

Doing sports is the solution to stay fit and keep the line. It is also a great way to relax and keep up the spirits. On the other hand, it should be borne in mind that your whole body is solicited by alternating different types of exercises. Want to get into sports to live a healthier life? Read below […]