Chris Evans: The Truth Behind Steroid Use

Everyone is familiar with the name “Chris Evans.” He is no other than the Captain America himself. He is a very popular Hollywood actor who has starred in a number of blockbuster films like Captain America, The Avengers, Snowpiercer, and so on. Fame comes with a price. Even Chris Evans is not exempted in rumors, especially when he began starring in action-packed films.

There are speculations from film goers and bodybuilders about the possibility of Chris Evans taking steroids to achieve his current physique. They say that there is evidence that supports that these rumors are indeed true. Some would say that his build is all natural. What do you think? Did he really use steroids?

Chris Evans on Steroid Use.

Through the years, Chris Evans has changed his physique dramatically. He gained over 20 pounds to fit his role in Captain America Civil War. Some online bashers will say that this change was because of steroid use, but those who are familiar with the physical effects of steroids, strongly disagree. According to bodybuilders who are experts when it comes to steroid use and effects, Evan’s gains happened over the years. It is enough time for him to bulk up naturally. If he used steroids, it wouldn’t take him that long to achieve his size. Since he is rich, he can definitely afford to get specialized training in order for him to gain these results for his roles.

There is no sufficient evidence of using steroids that can support the rumors about Chris Evans. Just because he looks bulkier and more defined from one role to another does not mean that it is enough to say that it’s because of steroids. If you take a closer look at the Captain America superhuman body on film, the onscreen bulk was developed using computer-generated imagery or CGI. Chris Evans does not show any symptoms of side effects when a person is using steroids. These side effects may include skin changes, facial structure change as well as hair thickness differences.

The Potential Steroids That Chris Evans Might Have Used.

If Chris Evans used steroids, this has the highest probability rate which can result to Evans’ amazing physique.

  • Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

This is a natural hormone produced by the body. It is used to promote cell reproduction and development. Synthetic HGH is prescribed to children and adults for medical reasons related to growth disorders and deficiency. Bodybuilders have started using this hormone to trigger muscle growth.

Although HGH is not a steroid, if Chris Evans ever used any drug, HGH is the closest among other steroids that can produce this type of results. Unlike other steroids which makes muscles look dry, HGH can make a user’s skin look full and elastic. It also promotes hair growth and slows down the process of aging. Overuse of HGH can result in serious adverse effects like carpal tunnel syndrome, edema, diabetes, and cancer. People who have unstable blood pressure should steer clear of HGH.

If you were tempted to use steroids to achieve Chris Evan’s body, think again! He probably did not need steroids to achieve his physique. This just means that you can have the same result like he has without using illegal and unsafe drugs. If you really want to see faster results, it is best to try alternatives. CrazyBulk offers steroid alternatives which can provide you with similar results but with no side effects. Weigh your options. Always put your health on top of your priorities.

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