Christmas Gifts To Encourage kids Outdoors

We all know how difficult it can be to coax the kids away from the TV and their video games and to get them outside, but once we do manage to get them out they tend to love it. Here we take a look at some great Christmas pressies that will help you persuade the little ones to get out and about.

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It’s not only fun to play outdoors, keeping them active is also great for their physical and mental wellbeing. See for more details. Exercise also tends to tire them out which can make bedtime easier and you never know, they may also sleep in in the morning, allowing you a rare lie in.

Mountain whistles

Kids love whistles and a good mountain whistle is an important piece of survival kit as well as a noisy and fun thing with which to annoy mum and dad.

Pocket hand warmers

Kids feel the cold and it can put them off playing outside. Hand and feet warmers not only help to keep them warm, they also have a novelty value which will encourage them off the sofa.

Waterproof socks and gloves

If the little ones get wet, they get cold and if they get cold it’s game over, so the longer you can keep their feet and hands warm, the longer you’ll keep them outside. You can get some very effective waterproof gloves and socks these days and they are well worth investing in, particularly during a cold icy winter.

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They look cool (to kids) and they’re brilliant for reducing heat loss.

Climbing frames

Children’s wooden climbing frames are a great addition to any garden and are guaranteed to get plenty of use. Companies such as ni climbing frames provide great looking frames at very affordable prices.

Head torches

Children have always loved torches and they always will. Having one strapped to their little heads just seems to increase the fun and it also has the secondary benefit of keeping them safe during night time excursions.


A spork is a combination of a fork and a spoon and kids love their novelty value.


Nothing gets kids outside like a bike, be it a BMX, mountain bike or racer. Once they’re older you can take them out on the road and the whole family can explore the countryside together.

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