Cotton or polyester clothes. Which is better to deal with the summer heat?

There are many kinds of fabrics available in the market and all of them can be used according to the requirement, but when it comes to choosing the most comfortable fabric for tshirts for men to carry in summers, cotton and polyester are the most common options. There is a long-running debate about cotton versus polyester for summer clothing. The cotton and polyester both are very different types of fabrics and have different properties and uses in apparel. It is always best to wear what suits you the best, but if you are looking for a brief comparison between cotton and polyester then here it is available.


Cotton is the most commonly used fabric all around the world. This is because it is cheap, soft, comfortable and easy to wear. The cotton fabric is made out of a cotton plant and it is very supple and soft to touch, much more than polyester fabric. The most amazing quality of cotton fabric that it can easily absorb moisture so it is very comfortable to wear on a sweaty day. This fabric is safe for sensitive skin even for the infants. There are many uses of cotton fabric other than just clothing like for bed sheets, towels, washcloths, pillowcases, etc. Overall, cotton is like the king of fabrics. The cotton fabric is so useful, but mainly in the summer months as it does not have any heating effects. In cold seasons, people may avoid wearing cotton clothes and turn to warmer fabrics. There is a huge variety of cotton tshirts available in the market to choose from.


Polyester is a synthetic fabric which is petroleum based and it is not made from any plant. It was discovered in the 1940’s by British and American pharmaceuticals. Polyester is used in clothing since then. There are many other uses of this fabric like making recording tapes, carpets, and many other home furnishing products. The polyester has properties very different and nearly opposite to cotton fabric as polyester is very less absorbent and sometimes designed to be moisture wicking. There are many sports persons who use this quality of polyester in their training by wearing it and releasing more sweat. There are many great properties in polyester which makes it a useful fabric, but most people avoid wearing in summers due to its no less absorbent quality. The polyester is more durable than cotton fabric and it does not shrink or fade very easily.

3.The final Conclusion-

The cotton and polyester both are two different and equally important fabrics, but if we compare them according to their variability in summers then cotton wins the race. It is so much more comfortable to wear a cotton cloth in the summers than wearing a polyester cloth. The biggest reason behind it is the moisture absorbent property which is present in cotton fabric and lacks in polyester fabric. It is always better to choose your clothes according to the seasonal requirements and if you are about to go shopping for summer tshirts than cotton will be the best-suited fabric. There are many websites which offer huge variety of cotton tshirts. You can wear different fabrics in different seasons and on different occasions, but the best suites clothing is that in which you are most comfortable.

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