David Beckham Appointed Ambassadorial President of the British Fashion Council

Former England captain and football star David Beckham has embarked on a new role – the ambassadorial president of the British Fashion Council.

David Beckham Appointed Ambassadorial President of the British Fashion Council

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The 43-year-old will be responsible for boosting the global profile of the British fashion industry, particularly in Asia and America.

A Fashion Icon

Married to pop star and fashion designer Victoria Beckham, David is renowned in his own right as a style icon.

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In 1998, Beckham was first named most stylish man of that year by GQ, the men’s fashion magazine. He has frequented the top of similar publications’ lists ever since and has even been deemed the most stylish man alive.

In 2007, David modelled his own line of underwear, and he has launched a range of his own fragrances.

He joined menswear brand Kent & Curwen as a business partner, allowing his passion for British fashion to flourish.

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The British Fashion Industry

It’s one of Britain’s best-performing industries, and it is hoped David Beckham’s reputation and global reach will shine a light on exciting British fashion talent. As a figurehead, he will create and build momentum for the British fashion business whilst lending his support to Saturday Clubs run by the British Fashion Council, where young people study fashion and seek apprenticeships and scholarships.

Many are not surprised by David Beckham’s appointment as a fashion ambassador for Britain. He is renowned for being at the cutting edge of fashion and will surely excel in his role.

Beckham’s style is endlessly reproduced by men around the world looking for fashion inspiration, but even fashion icons are susceptible to a few fashion faux-pas.

The sarong he opted for whilst on holiday in the South of France in 1998 with wife Victoria is perhaps his most famous fashion blunder.

David and Victoria’s head-to-toe matching leather ensembles worn to a Gucci fashion event in 1999 are another legendary Beckham fashion misstep.

Beckham has now, however, moved on from these mistakes and continues to be at the forefront of men’s fashion. After all, there is no one that dons a black bow-tie with more style than David Beckham.

As he launches a new male grooming enterprise, House 99, men will be able to copy his groomed yet casual style.

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