Does it Makes a Difference to Go to a Luxury Drug Rehab?

Many people think that there is no difference between public and luxury rehab. They always say that it is best to go to a public because it is free and you can enter for as many times as you want if you relapse. But what they don’t know is that public rehab offers lousy drug addiction recovery services and that is why they keep relapsing. They could have overcome the addiction if they enter into a better rehab like luxury rehab.

California Private Rehab

Luxury rehab is costly but most of the people that go there recover fast from their addiction. You are only paying for the cost of the drug rehab program once and you could be well on your way to a new life that is free from dependence on drugs. More and more private rehabs are more willing to accept private medical insurance for payment. If your insurance can cover the cost, you will only have to pay a small portion of the expenses.

Going to a luxury rehab is like going on a vacation. You can ask for leave from your employer prior to coming to stay at the rehab. In the luxury rehab, you can choose to incorporate activities that you enjoy into your treatment plan. You will undergo both individual and group therapy at a luxury rehab. If you want complete information on the program, please visit

Individual therapy requires the client to sit down with a mental health professional for about 1 – 2 hours. The individual therapy session is usually held at the office of the therapist but it can also be held in other places like classroom, and meeting room. The number of the personal counseling sessions is arranged based on the needs of the client. Normally, the program only requires the client to attend one personal counseling session every week.

During the personal counseling session, patients will be asked a series of questions for example what are the obstacles that they face when they want to focus on recovery, what are their cravings, what withdrawal symptoms they face and what experience they gain when learning new skills at the rehab. The therapist will help the addict to achieve the goals. Clients may be rewarded with tangible rewards upon arriving at the goal. The individual therapy is performed by a licensed psychiatrist, substance abuse counselor or addiction treatment therapist.

In group therapy, you will get to meet other addicts who are also going through the same struggles. You can take the opportunity to form profound friendships with other addicts. You can discuss about the memories that hurt you and the failures with others in the group session.

Sharing your memories with others can help you to feel that you are not alone in facing the addiction. Sometimes, the group therapy allows you to bring your significant others. For example, in family therapy, family members are invited to take part in the private family sessions.

The client are asked to take note of how much time they speak so that everyone will get equal time to speak in the group session. Group session typically lasts for one hour. There is one mental health professional that lead the group session. Different types of topics are discussed in the group session including addiction education, how to tackle with stressful situation, how to cope with triggers and how to cope with relapses.

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