Factors That Play a Huge Role in Determining the Purchase of Window or Ductless Mini-Split AC

Window air conditioner or ductless mini split system have their individual pros and cons. Understand their unique features along with their limitations to determine the right unit.

Factors That Play a Huge Role in Determining the Purchase of Window or Ductless Mini-Split AC

For people, who live in rental apartments or buildings window unit is the best option. However, for homeowners Voltas split system is the best option in respect to highest convenience, comfort, and safety.

Window air conditioner


  • Low upfront cost
  • Low installation cost


  • Blocks the window, so reduces natural light entering the home
  • Thieves can remove window unit easily, so security threats
  • Very noisy, so not applicable in building rooms with windows opposite another apartment
  • Many people don’t find its appearance appealing

Ductless mini split system


  • Size is compact and can be installed anywhere
  • No window is needed
  • Works noiselessly
  • Safe or less prone to robbery
  • Zoning is possible


  • Installation is more expensive
  • Needs qualified and experienced installer

Which cooling system to choose?

Major factors to consider are –

Interior design

How you desire the feel and look of each room will need to be determined first. Only then will you be able to choose between both systems.

For example, if you wish to add a feature in the room then opt for wall split AC with nice design. You get models in multiple colours and you can get the one which blends with interior décor. If you are not focused on looks then window air conditioner can be good because it is cheaper than split system.

Thus, homeowner’s preference on how the room needs to look plays a crucial role in determining between split system and window sir conditioner.

Home size and space

If there is limited window space or you wish to cool multiple rooms then ductless split is obviously the right choice. Mini split systems don’t need to be installed in the window. They go on the walls or floor [floor standing models] split system can be set to cool different spaces in the house with multiple indoor units.

Small and medium sized residences are suitable for split system because a single unit can support just 2 to 3 wall units. However, you can buy a large compressor with capacity of handling more than 5 wall units but this comes with a huge price tag.


People tight on budget and need quick cooling solution can buy window unit. Mini splits ACs are costly. You can say the cost is double the price of window unit with similar tonnage.

Homeowner or tenant

For a tenant, multi split air conditioner is huge investment, so opt for window unit. It helps them to keep the environment cool in their rented apartment at cheap price. In addition, they can disassemble and carry it, when they transfer to a new rental place. Thus there is no urgency to go in search for new AC.

Homeowners can increase property value installing mini-split system with zoning features. Thus, the high upfront investment is worthy.

Features like heating and cooling makes green technology split systems more versatile than window AC.

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