Five more website design tips to build sales

It is no secret that the design of your website can have a massive impact on your sales and conversions. Here are five lesser-known tricks and tips to help you get the most from your site.

1. Inspire trust with badges

Consumers want to know that they can trust your website. Including badges such as the ‘PayPal Verified’ badge from PayPal or a widget from Trustpilot will build a sense of trust and safety in the mind of your customer, encouraging them to go ahead with a purchase.

Five more website design tips to build sales

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  1. Keep it short!

    The morefields a customer has to fill in before making a purchase, the higher the chance they will decide it is simply not worth the hassle. If you don’t need a specific piece of information from a customer, such as a second phone number or a middle name, don’t ask for it! Keep forms short and to the point.

    3. Use colour to your advantage

    Simply changing the colour of your call-to-action button or background can make it significantly morelikely that a customer will click. Many people see red as a colour of action and certainty, whereas colours such as brown inspire no strong emotional response.

    If you are unsure about what colour palette might best suit your website – while also engaging your visitors – you might wish to seek out a professional web development company in London, such as to help create a design that works for you.

Use colour to your advantage


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  1. Clean and clear

    While your contentis important, so too is the space around it. According to the Interaction DesignFoundation (, white space can hugely increase reader comprehension. Don’t crowd your pages with too much information, even if this information is useful. By leaving plenty of white space and keeping your design clean and simple, you will avoid overwhelming potential customers and make it more likely that they stay focussed and make a purchase.

    5. The word ‘free’

    If you are offering something for free, be sure to shout about it. Consumers are particularly attuned to the word ‘free’, so ensure this is visible on your website for maximum impact. Whether you are offering a free report or an ebook, don’t hide it away. Once consumers have downloaded a free product from you, they are more likely to return and make a purchase.

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