How Does Self-Parking Technology Work

Parallel parking has always been an ordeal for most of the drivers, when thespace in the parking zone is limited. Especially in big cities, one has to squeeze inhis car into a bare minimum space and that needs a special skill. More than driving, it is worrisome as one car may touch the other, hit on the bumper, or just cannot make enough space to come out or get in the car.

How Does Self-Parking Technology Work

But technology as always found a way to address this issue. They made cars that can park themselves without any human intervention. The technology has taken up all the tasks of a driver to park the car, without committing a single mistake. It starts from finding out the perfect parking spot and sneaking in the lot with the perfect angle. During all this process the driver has to simply press a button and sitting back can relax.

How it Apparently Works

The self-parkingtechnology as described by one of the experts from the Spartanburg Chevrolet dealership, is the same one usesas thesafety features in the modern cars.It works the same way in the collision avoidance systems and pedestrian crossing alert and so on. It is the magical combination of sensors that make it work of its own.

A car with the self-parking feature on, moves forward to position itself behind the front car, while a signal lets the driver know when to stop. When the driver starts shifting the car into the reverse mode and slightly releases the brake to move backward,with the help of the power steering system, the car computer turns the wheel and maneuvers the car perfectly into the allotted parking space. When the car gets inside enough into the space, the other signal informs the driver that it is time to stop and start shifting the car into drive mode. Then the car starts pulling forward as the wheels keep adjusting themselves to place the car rightly into the space.

Technology Working Behind

According to the Spartanburg Chevrolet dealership experts, different self-parking systems would have different methods of sensing the varied kinds of objects that can come around the car. Some systems have sensors that are distributed around the car like in the front and near the rear bumpers, and work on the inputs of both transmitters and receivers. These are sensors that transmit signals, that bounce off any object that comes around the car and start reflecting back to them. Then the car computer returns back the data to the signals to calculate the exact location of the objects. There are other systems too that depend mainly on the cameras that are mounted onthe bumpers while others use the radar system to detect objects.

The Bottom Line

Self-parking technology in the current days is mostly used for parallel parking situations that requires the cars to park parallelly into a curb, in the right alignment with the other cars parked beside it. Mostly it needs to have about six feet more space than the total length of their car for ideal parking though some expert drivers can make it within lesser amount of space.


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