How fabric plays a role in the home decor?

Decorate With Fabric For Ambience and Feeling Good  


Fabrics can turn any home décor into a fashionable decorating statement. Interior and exterior decorators use fabrics to set the tone, ambience, and Zen for any décor through the fabrics durability, symmetry, and coloring. Popular fabrics include cotton, linen, polyester, organza, and myriad of other types to enhance a home’s décor. For example, organza fabrics are stretchable and are best used to customize lampshades, especially when you choose it in floral prints, then it adds romance to a soft lit room.

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Décor Fabric Benefits

Let’s look at the benefits of using fabrics as part of a room’s décor: 

Cotton: Cotton is a great natural fiber whose coloring options are vast. Cotton furnishings are able to breathe, which means comfort. Natural cotton fabrics as a slipcover for chairs or sofas. Even a cotton/synthetic blend is great for all types of furniture pieces. You can use chintz or brushed cotton for your window treatments.

Mexican Oilcloth: As a colorfully patterned fabric, Mexican oilcloth fabrics are best used as a table covering because you can wipe it with a clean cloth, stain resistant, resists creases when you fold it, and is great on outdoor patio furniture for commercial and residential environment.

Linen: Natural linen fabrics are made from vegetable fiber. Linen can be used in a variety of home décor ideas, like window coverings, slip covers, duvets, upholstery, headboards, decorative accessories like pillows, and more. Linen has been used historically in the Egyptian era. There is a reason why linen remains one of the world’s leading décor fabric. It is light, soft, and exceptionally fashionable.

Faux: Faux fabrics whether leather, hide, or suede can easily stand the test of time. The majority of faux fabrics are backed with a soft flannel style material. Faux fabrics are used in every room on chairs, accessories, sofas, ottomans, etc. There are light faux fabrics that can be used as window dressings because they carry a blend of linen sheer materials.

Polyester (outdoors): The Polyester fabric is available in different thickness weights. Polyester is fade resistant, weatherproof, and is easy to keep clean. When used outdoors, polyester fabrics are coated to be used on patio furnishings, they have UV coatings so that it retains its color and patterns and polyester is mildew resistant.

Fabric Patterns That Are A Décor Hit

Modern fabric technology can be designed in any pattern that you can think of. There are:

  • Botanical,
  • Checked,
  • Chevron,
  • Floral,
  • Geometric,
  • Ikat (dyeing process that mirrors South Asian textile),
  • Paisley,
  • Solid
  • Spotted,
  • Striped,
  • Toile, and more.

The 60/30/10 Rule

Fabric patterns, designs, coloring, with a mix and match décor technique, can give your room a focal point. When decorating, many designers or home owners enjoy using a large furniture piece to bring a room into focus, like a tall cabinet, bay windows, a large bed, or multiple sofa pieces. But if you have not decided on your furniture pieces, use textured or patterned fabrics to bring in your room size as a key point of interest. Simply mix your fabrics like some faux, sheer, flannelette or even a sequined textile fabric to help set the mood.

Don’t forget to mix and match. If you are using prints for most of your upholstery designs, then use curtains or rugs that are plain, yet colorful. The same is true as a vice or versa design – if your curtains are patterned with boldness, then your upholstery pieces should be muted with a beautiful plain color, but you can add a zest of patterned pillows or throws. Remember there is the decorating statistical rule of using different fabrics in the same room, which is 60/30/10. In other words, 60% of your décor is the primary fabric, 30% is the next fabric style, then 10% of a different fabric décor is fitted last.


Finding your perfect fabrics is easier today because there are many online web sites that are great fabric warehouses. Fabric decorations are still a popular form to enhance any room which is why there are still many brick and mortar businesses that deal with amazing yards of colorful, textured, trims, and patterned fabrics. Using fabrics as décor is great for any budget. Fabrics are so threaded and entwined fashionably, that you can decorate in chic or economical fabric styles without anyone knowing how much you spent or saved. For instance, decorating with muslin is a deceptively great fashion twist.

Use muslin on your windows as a draping feature by placing it around a decorate curtain rod and let it drape the floor. Add a decorate curtain holder on both sides of the floor length muslin fabric – beautiful and cost effective! Remember, selecting fabrics for rooms where people will be relaxing, visiting, or working, requires several tips. A few tips include touch, meaning fabrics should be feel soft for people to sit down upon, the fabrics should be stain-free, friction-free, and color-fast. Fabrics are great in our everyday lives and should be enjoyed without the fear of abusing it or just not enjoying its beauty.

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