How Families Play A Pivotal RoleIn Building the Future of Home Churches?

Have you ever been asked inquired the church focuses so much interest on families? Churches generally provide resource upon resource for families and married couples. So, what is the reason for this? Why is the family so fundamental to the church? It is in the home church to which one is committed that there can be the level of understanding that is essential for cautiously stimulating fellow advocates “to love and good deeds.” And it is only in this situation that one can encourage one another biblically and faithfully.

According to the members of Westside Family Church, active involvement in your home church is very important to living a life without negotiation. It is only through the organization of the home church that a believer can obtain the kind of accountability, teaching, and encouragement that is obligatory for him to stand firm in his convictions. God has ordained that the church provide the type of environment where an obdurate life can thrive and His people can grow religiously.

Family and faith are basically so entangled, that it is almost impracticable for people to visualize one without the other. There is something happening in those family trees. A prototype emerges from the pages of Lord’s Word—family is significant to God.

But people still must consider the significance of the nuclear family to the church and to God’s plan. Why must churches make family a main concern? What principle do families provide in building God’s empire? The answer is double. Family is pivotal to the future of the churchlike Westside Family Church Lenexa KS, primarily, because it maintains history from generation to generation and, second, because it is indisputably the best place to grow disciples. God’s purpose and plan for the family is clearly identifiable: to pass down His principles from generation to generation and to preserve the story of God’s commandments, works, and His love for His creation.

Family Grows Disciples

One of the greatest mistakes parents make is downgrading the task of raising religious kids to the home church. It is good that they bring their kids to church, that they involve them in Christian activities, and camps, but none of those substitute the significance of what happens in the home.

If people want to raise true families and develop future leaders, one must start in the home. That is where true discipleship begins. Warn parents not to undervalue the authority they have over their kids. There is never a certification that kids will do accurately as their parents educate, but parents have the maximum opportunity for discipleship because they live the commonplace with their children. They have innumerable moments to walk at the side of them and share conviction with them. Disciple making is grave business. It cannot be left to the church or possibility. A Christian family does not appear magically because we wish it into existence. Parents must be somber about the undertaking of passing on their devotion, about living the way God calls them to subsist in front of their kids and others, on a daily basis.

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