How much does it cost to Develop a Mobile App? Find Out Here.

“How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?” Some say, “$35,000”, while other says, “$1,50,000”. Ever wondered how this drastic difference appears? If not, the next 4 minutes is going to be the best investment of your life as we are going to discuss the mobile app development cost in this article.

it cost to Develop a Mobile App? Find Out Here

Just like apparels, equipment, and every second item on this planet, the cost to make an app also varies on the basis of type, place, and various other such factors. So, the best way to evaluate the app cost is to have a look at these factors and determine their influence over the total app costing, about which we will discuss in this article. But before that, keep into consideration that the cost to build a mobile app is directly proportional to the number of development hours. More the number of development hours, more will be the app price.

Factors to Calculate the Cost to Develop an App

While there are a myriad of factors that make a difference in the overall app cost, the major cost-influencing factors are:-

App Type and Platform

The most pre-eminent factors that have an impact on the mobile app development cost are the app type and platform. Wondering how?

A standalone mobile application with minimal features takes 600-900 hours, provided you have hired the best mobile app development company. A Social media platform like Instagram and WhatsApp takes 1800-2500 hours. Whereas, an On-demand application takes more than 2000 development hours. This data clearly indicates that the cost to develop an app varies with the app types.

Likewise, the app cost also depends on the platform targeted. If you want an app for the Android platform, you need to pay more than that for an iOS application.

App Design

A standard app design can be prepared within 150 hours. But, in case you want a customized engaging app design to keep your end users hooked to your application, the design team would take on an average 400 hours, which implies a heap of funds.


Surprisingly, the pricing of app development depends on location. If you propose an app idea to a mobile app development agency in India or other Asian countries, the average cost would be around $18-$40 per hour. However, the same idea will be turned into a mobile app by the experts from a developed nation like the USA or Australia at an hourly rate between $100 and $150, and $65-95, respectively. Isn’t this a significant difference? Because of this cost variation, people outsource their app needs to the developing nations. If are looking forward to the same, don’t forget to ask these 17 questions before finalizing a mobile app development company.

Team Size

Depending on the team that’s handling your app project, the mobile app development cost varies. If you hired a freelancer team of 5-10 team members, they would charge $2,000 to $25,000 to add one more medal to their work portfolio. However, a large app development company who has to feed thousands of employees would ask for $450,000 to $1,50,000.

App Coding

The number of hours for coding an app from scratch will be a huge, depending on the app complexity, number of app screens, the technology stack considered, the market trends, and the skills of the team hired. However, this number can be reduced by reusing the code of modules like sign up screen, contact us screen, etc.

As per my market experience, the code reusability cut down the cost to develop an app by 20%-30%.

App Testing

Considering the growing data breach cases and competition for user acquisition, it is must focus upon the testing process to release a bug-free, user-centric, and market-focused application. This implies a cumulative number of developing hours along with the cost of the top testing tools, which eventually adds to the overall cost to make an app.

App Launch

Launching your app is also not a free-of-cost process. You need to give a one-time fee of $25 for submitting your Android app. Whereas, the cost of launching your iOS application is $99/yr.

Besides, the amount of resources and fund invested into the process of app marketing, maintenance, and update will also add to the cost to make an app. So, keep them into consideration.

Now, as you are acquainted with the factors that have an impact on the cost to develop an app, plan accordingly. Do an extensive market research, build a proper app plan, hire the right mobile app development company, and make a fortune.

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