How To Avoid Losing In Rummy

It is quite disheartening when you lose in a game that you’ve been playing for a long time. Rummy, a popular card game that most Indians engage in during free time, is an easy game to learn and master. At the same time, it is also easy to lose in it. All you need is a little negligence and complacency that you know it all. With a few tricks and constant practice, it is possible to make this much-loved game a skill sport that you excel at. Here are some areas that you could work on to reduce the possibilities of losing in rummy:

Learn the game well

Know the game of rummy in and out before you move ahead to play with stakes. Some believe that if they know how to play rummy, they can easily win. This assumption can invite blunders if you know only very little about the game. Half knowledge is always more dangerous than no knowledge. And, to think of a worse scenario, your more-knowledgeable opponents could sniff out your semi skills and turn the game around to their advantage. So, never set out to play rummy, especially with stakes, with just the basic knowledge. Read up and practice to master the game first.

Arrange your cards neatly

Make it a practice to start off on a neat note. This means, you need to organize your hand in a logical sequence as soon as you receive your cards. The most popular order of arrangement is an alternate sequence of black and red cards, that is, as an example, diamond cards, followed by spades, followed by hearts, and completed by clubs. This sequence helps in better focus and efficient planning of the sequences you could make. Right from the get go, it is important that your planning and concentration take place unhindered, and an orderly format of your hand can help you achieve that.

Be calm

A flustered and confused mind can wreck the simplest situation. Card games like rummy require a focused mind that is not clouded with doubts and emotions. Exude confidence when playing the game and focus only on strategizing and observation. The more you obsess over winning, the more paranoid you are bound to get if something goes wrong during the game. No matter what turn the game takes, don’t lose your mind over it or express any negative emotion that can tell all to your opponents and hold you from thinking clearly.

Know when to play

Participating in a game of rummy doesn’t mean ‘playing’ all the time. An important tip for ensuring that you don’t lose miserably in a game is to be sure you know what you’re playing. With your analytical skills and planning, you should be able to decide whether or not a hand is worth playing and if you must take a card from the open deck or skip it. You can very well let your turn pass instead of playing just because it’s your turn. Especially if you have no wild card or a joker, you will need to be choosier about playing your turn. Similarly, be careful about picking up the top open card. If you can do without the open card, skip it instead of letting your opponents get a clue of the sequence you’re planning on making.

Not enough practice

As clichéd as it may sound, practice (definitely) makes perfect. Do not be complacent about your knowledge of rummy. Always practice whenever you can so you get more chances to learn, unlearn, relearn, and be better prepared for the next game. Whether you’re just a good, casual rummy player or a professional, you are bound to lose miserably if you close the doors to further learning and practicing.


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