How to Brush Teeth with Brackets

A smile that dazzles everyone is what we all want to have, but to achieve a good aesthetic in our smile is not only enough to keep the white teeth, but also to be well aligned. Thanks to orthodontics we can correct the position of the teeth, but the brakes can be annoying, painful and difficult to care for and clean at first. However, as time passes, who owns them gets used to it and maintaining them is also much easier.

brush teeth with brackets

Today, we will teach you how you can brush your teeth with brackets so that you maintain proper oral hygiene.

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1: (Important) A denture with braces needs to be sanitized after each meal. Bacteria and food remains accumulate in orthodontic appliances easily, so it is necessary to remove them completely from there, to avoid oral diseases such as caries and halitosis.

2: Make several rinses with warm water and two tablespoons of baking soda, this will eliminate bacteria from the oral cavity and the brakes.

3: With a soft bristle brush and a little toothpaste brush the part between the brackets and the gum and then the bottom of the appliance, always gently and with circular movements. Repeat the process with lower teeth.

4: Brush the brackets with a gentle movement that is directed from the top down. (For this, hold the brush vertically). Do it about 10 times for each of them.

5: Position the brush horizontally and brush the brackets gently.

6: Brush the inner face of all teeth and the top of the teeth.

7: Use an interdental brush to properly clean the sides of orthodontic appliances and wires.

8: Do not forget to use the dental floss between the teeth and also pass it through the wire of the brackets.

9: When finished use mint mouthwash to keep the mouth fresh and with good breath.

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