How to check epf member balance?

EPF member balance

EPF balance SMS

The ways of checking one’s EPF member balance with the technological advancements have been made simple and easy. Now it’s possible to check the epf member balance in your EPF account at any point of time from any place. You do not need to fill any forms by physically going to the EPF office. It’s now possible to check your EPF balance in less than 5 minutes either by SMS, by giving a missed call, utilizing the EPFO application or through the EPFO gateway.

  1. EPFO portal

Essential – so as to check EPF balance, ensure that your UAN has been enacted by the business. UAN is Universal Account Number which is unique for every one of the employees selected under the EPF conspires. Employees will no longer need multiple UAN; just a single UAN is enough all through their working life regardless of the number of organizations they change. Isn’t that wonderful? The UAN number is given by EPFO (EPF association)

How to check epf member balance

Once the UAN number is initiated, essentially take after the underneath steps:

Stage 1: Go to the EPFO entryway. Tap on the tab ‘Our Services’ and pick “for employees” alternative.

Stage 2: In the services section click on ‘Member passbook’

Step 3: The Login page will soon appear wherein you need to enter your UAN number and password after it has been activated.

  1. EPF balance SMS

Essential – if you want to know your EPF balance through SMS, then you have to join your UAN with KYC using bank accounts, PAN card Number or Aadhaar.

Once the UAN number is incorporated into your KYC-follow these steps:

Stage 1: Send an SMS to 7738299899.

Stage 2: You have to send the message as EPFOHO UAN ENG, the initial three characters of the language you want. So if at all you need to get the message in Marathi, at that point compose in EPFOHO UAN MAR. You can access your EPF balance SMS in other additional languages such as  Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Bengali. 

  1. By giving a missed call

Essential – You can know your EPF balance by giving Missed Call. However, this is only possible if your UAN number is integrated with your KYC by providing bank account details, Aadhaar or PAN card details.

Stage 1: You will need to give a missed call to 011-22901406 from your enlisted number that’s registered with the bank.

Stage 2: After giving a missed call, you will receive an SMS that will give you all information concerning your PF details.

  1. By utilizing the EPFO application

It is necessary so as to check EPF balance, ensure that your UAN number has been initiated by the business.

EPF balance check should likewise be possible by downloading the “m-sewa application of EPFO” from Google Play Store.

Stage 1: Once the application is downloaded, you have to tap on ‘Part’ and after that on ‘Balance/Passbook’.

Stage 2: Afterwards, enter your UAN and enrolled portable number. The system will confirm the mobile number without wanting to toss a mistake in the event that it doesn’t coordinate. Also, if it gets coordinated, you can see your refreshed EPF member balance details

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