How to Keep the Windows and Doors in Your Home Looking Like New

If you’ve been living in your home for some time, you might have started to notice external parts of your home are getting the worse for wear. When you’re working with more sensitive materials like wood, it’s easy to deal with a lot of sun damage like fading, spotting, or even warping. Even if you’ve used more durable materials like vinyl, after a certain amount of time the weather will This goes double if you’ve just been through a spell of extreme weather or high heat. If you’re struggling to keep your doors and windows looking fresh as new, you shouldn’t have to work too hard at it. Here are a few foolproof ways to keep your home looking spruce and shiny from the outside in.

the Windows and Doors in Your Home Looking Like New

Clean Window Panes Thoroughly and Regularly

Keeping your windows clean can save a lot of time and external wear. If you’re making it a priority to clean your windows at least once every few weeks, you’ll already be in good shape. But don’t just Windex and call it a day. Make sure to spend time actually removing your windows from their frames to get a deep clean. Keeping your windows in their frames for too long can lead to a ton of buildup, making it harder to clean over time. Also, try to pick a date to do a thorough clean before the seasons change. Take the time to clean your windows when the weather is still mild, taking off any old caulking and weatherstripping while cleaning. Allow your windows to fully dry before putting them back in their frames. This will not only give you a better clean but also will save you a ton of time with adding new weatherstripping when the winter comes on. If you reach a point where you know it’s time to replace your windows, consider calling a professional service like Renewal by Andersen windows.

Keep Your Frames Clean

Don’t just give your windows’ glass panels a thorough cleaning. The frames are just as important to keep clean if you want your windows to look fresh and new. Frames don’t require a ton of maintenance. While you’re removing the glass for cleaning, take a moment to get into the crevices of your frames with a small instrument such as a toothbrush. If you’re seeing any damage from dirt buildup or weather exposure, take note. If you’re working with wood frames, minor damage can be sanded away. If your frames are made of aluminum or fiberglass, you might have to look into professional repairs. Don’t let your frames air-dry, either. Wipe them down quickly with a cloth to avoid unseemly water spots.

Keep on Weatherstripping

The key to keeping your home looking fresh is to keep your doors and windows protected from the elements at all times. That means keeping your windows, frames, and door shielded from fading and warping. If you’re worried about the sun fading your door’s finish, think about installing an awning in the summer months to protect from the sun’s glare. You can also install awnings on your window to protect them from direct sunlight. If you’ve purchased your doors and windows with energy efficiency in mind, they’ll already be well equipped to protect your home’s interior from sun damage and overheating. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t need to be retreated or re-glazed every so often. With doors, the damage often looks more prominent. If your door is getting too much light all year round, think about installing a screen door or glass door in front to protect it from the sun’s direct light. If you notice your door’s paint job peeling or chipping, try sanding off the damaged areas and applying a fresh coat of paint.

Repaint for a Fresh Look

For any home improvement job, a fresh coat of paint is the perfect way to boost your home’s look in no time at all. If you’re noticing that your door is dealing with a lot of sun damage and you’ve gone out of your way to keep it protected, applying a fresh coat of paint using a blister- and fade-proof paint will help you keep your door looking great for longer. If your window frames need freshening up, think about trading your old frames in for new ones, especially if they’ve begun to see a lot of weather damage that can’t be sanded down or painted over. For extra protection, try to paint in thick layers so that your paint job won’t fall prey to chipping or peeling during the next big storm.

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