How to keep your fur slides clean?

Almost whoever has brought the fur slides are possessed and that you want to keep it clean forever. If you have brought the latest trendy fur slides in white or pink, you might want to keep it clean forever.

real fur slides

Here are some of the simple steps you must follow to keep your real fur slides clean:

  • First of all scrub the rubber with luke warm water, after scrubbing-brush and hand Andy then rinse.
  • Soak the fur slides into hot water. Water should contain Handy Andy + Jik.
  • Then soak it upside down with fur immersed in water for half a day.
  • Rinse it thoroughly with a lot of water then leave it to dry.
  • Once you dry brush it with a nail brush or a fine comb, after that you should have clean fluffy slides.

Some important points to remember:

  • Remember to check the label of your fur item first, so that you know how it should be cleaned. This is the first step before jumping to clean your fur items.
  • Wash coats on a cool cycle to ensure that the fibers do not get damaged.
  • Hand or spot-wash is suggested for smaller fur items like shoes and bags.

These fur slides are completely airy and laundry it to wear it for years. You can always rely on these steps.

For the drying process: First tap it with a soft towel and then blow dry it. Leave it overnight. The next day you are all set to wear this beautiful and trendy fur slides. Wear it at home or to the market or for shopping.

And when you feel lazy to wear your shoes to hang out with your friends, just slip on your real fur slides and walk around comfortably.

Everyone loves to wear fur slides on a daily basis at home or when out, until the weather gets a little warmer, you just need to have the right pair of fur slides in which the furs keep your foot cool and does not cause sweating or itchy. The real fur slides are like wearing a pair of socks over again and again but never washing them. This would be ridiculously smelly right? This is why you need to keep your fur slides clean, but cleaning doesn’t mean you can toss them over in the washing machine or the soft fuzzy inside would be ruined and the rubber soles would apart.

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