How To Play free Sports In Paris In Winter?

THE GOOD PLANS – Mathilde Gaudéchoux, a journalist at Le Figaro , delivers his tips on how to deal with everyday problems without breaking your piggy bank.

The end of year celebrations are over and your good resolutions remain stubborn. But you will not make yourself have. This year, you have sworn to do sports, yes, but without spending much in a room where you will never set foot. The possibilities of (re) sculpting his body for free are numerous when you live in Paris.

●   Test the parkour

It’s intense, it unfolds, it’s a bit like running to escape from rabid dogs. In a marked and covered circuit, littered with obstacles, climbing elements and jumps, you have to move as quickly as possible.

When? Wednesday, from 1 pm to 2 pm

Or? Centr’Halles Park, Forum des Halles, 117, rue Rambuteau, I, underground: Les Halles.

How? Have an annual Pass’Sport Discovery (to get it here )

● Badminton, fitness, self-defense, boxing, zumba, gym etc.

The Parisian gymnasiums offer free classes in many areas. Thus, you will be able to work without having to face this cold duck.

Where and when? Here is the list of the sports centers and the schedules of the courses

How? Have an annual Pass’Sport Discovery (to get it, it’s here )

● Introduction to golf for three months

Free golf for three months! Who would’ve believed that? This is enough to know whether you like discipline or not and if you want to take the plunge by registering in a club. In the XIXth arrondissement, you are lent the equipment and bullets.

When? Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 4pm to 6pm.

Or? Espace Tandou, 11, rue Tandou, XIXth, subway: Laumière.

How? Have an annual Pass’Sport Discovery (to get it, it’s here ).

● Register with CYD Boot camps

30 minutes of running, 25 minutes of muscle strengthening and 5 minutes of stretching. And that (almost) every day and free, thanks to the sessions of the CYD Boot Camp .

When? From Monday to Thursday at 8pm.

Or? Monday in Montmartre, Tuesday in Monceau, Wednesday in Opera and Thursday in Odéon. The meeting point is in a bar with the possibility to leave its business there.

How? Download the free app on Apple Store here or Android store here .

● Fitness in the municipal parks on Sunday morning

For those who are not afraid to get out of bed all hot on Sunday morning, gymnastics and jogging are offered free of charge in the parks.

When? Sundays, 9 am to 12 pm (except holidays, Christmas and summer holidays).

Or? In several municipal parks and gardens. Here is the list.

How? The registrations took place.

● Discover Paris by rollerblading

Instead of watching “Friday, everything is allowed,” you can choose to put on your roller skates and discover Paris at night, otherwise than through the subway lines. A real dilemma.

When and where? Friday at 10pm in Montparnasse with and Sunday at 2:30 pm Place de la Bastille with Rollers and Coquillages .

Duration? 3 hours.

How? With a helmet, knee pads and wrist guards, it’s safer …

●  Discovering Paris by bike

Be careful, not to be confused with the rollerblade also offered on Friday and Sunday. The venue and the courses are not the same.

When and where? Friday at 9.30 pm and every third Sunday of the month at 10.30 am from the Hôtel de Ville.

Duration? 2:15.

How? With a bike or a Vélib ‘. More information on

●   Test the Swedish gym

Acquire a better posture, endurance, suppleness and strengthen his muscles, all on a background of catchy music. By going to in the planning section and in the “free” tab, you can enjoy classes all year round without spending a penny (except for sneakers)!

●   Do you know wutao?

It is a discipline between qi gong, tai chi and yoga. It increases your stamina, flexibility and breathing. To unwind, discover another activity, relax and learn to master your energies, this practice will be ideal.

When? Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 12 noon and from 12:15 pm to 1:15 pm.

Or? At Centquatre-Paris , 5 rue Curial, XIXth, subway: Riquet.

● Do (almost) play tennis

It takes 17 euros to reserve a short tennis court for one hour. If you just want to train yourself, maybe a wall is enough for you. There, it is free and without reservation. Here is the list.

● Basketball or ping-pong

There are 20 open-air basketball courts in the capital, and more than fifty table tennis tables (think about bringing your racket). You choose the one that suits you here .

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