How To Play Sports At Home Without Distubring Niegbors?

The exercise at home , a practical idea to save time and money, but it can sometimes cause you some trouble with the neighborhood. For your neighbors to see your sports sessions, check out the 7 tricks of the coach FizzUp!


In order to avoid any problems with your neighborhood, let them know. Explain to your neighbors on the landing or below that you are a sportsperson at home, that you will be making noise, but that it will be casual and at convenient times. Give them a range of time: between 20 and 40 minutes of training every 2 days.

If you feel them curious and receptive, you can even let them discover the FizzUp application. This will be the opportunity to create new links, make new friends and share your sporting experience.


Now that you have warned the neighborhood, you can train peacefully. Be sure to equip yourself, to absorb the shocks and to limit as much as possible the noises that could cause your sporting activity at home. The best solution is to use a fitness mat or one of your decoration mats.

Prefer the carpets of good thickness, they are more comfortable and cushion better the impacts, which allows to considerably limit what can be perceived like nuisances by your neighbors.


The other tip to spare your neighbors remains to shoe well. Go for good fitness shoes, lightweight, supple and composed of a good cushioning, or keep your socks during training. These accessories will stifle the noises caused by your dynamic exercises. Get thicker, breathable fitness socks at the heel and toes. You will be adorned for your FizzUp sessions.

Playing sports at home 024 | AVOID NIGHTTIME NOISE

The noise is always better tolerated during the day. Be sure to schedule your FizzUp sessions after 6 am and before 8 pm if you can. You will stay on good terms with your neighbors and you will feel yourself more peaceful at bedtime. The training after 20h acts in disfavor of your sleep .


The ninja is discreet, the ninja knows how to move and jump from roof to roof without making any noise. Become a ninja.

Take the example of the burpee , a complete bodybuilding exercise that can cause noise. When you attack a series of burpees, enter “ninja” mode and challenge yourself to make as little noise as possible. Work on your receptions: land first on tiptoes and then control the descent of your heels so that they arise as gently as possible. Let the art of “Ninjutsu” inhabit you and be the guarantor of good understanding with your neighbors.


Despite all your precautions and goodwill, you still make noise by chaining sauteed squats and other cardio exercises … Your neighbor has come up and comes to let you know by drumming at the door. In this case, the best card to play is that of sincerity and empathy. Tell her you only need 20 minutes to complete your session. If there is noise, it will not be long. Remind him that for you, sports at home is a more convenient solution, especially when the weather does not allow you to get out. If your neighbor turns a deaf ear to this speech frankly, offer him to join you for training.


Doing sports at home is an ideal solution to avoid constraints. You can watch your favorite series at the same time and the shower is right next door. However, if your neighbors have already expressed dissatisfaction, consider training outside as soon as time permits.

Playing sports at home 03

A park ? A fitness trail? A vacant lot? There are many possibilities for outdoor sports. Doing a few outdoor sessions can help you preserve the capital “tolerance to noise” of your neighbors. When the rain falls, you can train at home without fearing their reaction.

And you, what are your tricks for doing sports at home by limiting the noise of your sessions so as not to bother your neighbors? We specify in advance that listening to the playlists FizzUp  thoroughly to cover the sound of your exercises is probably not the best techniques!

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