How To Play Sports Without Suffering?

Doing sports does not necessarily rhyme with pain, tiredness, fatigue … Sport is also, above all, a moment of relaxation, pleasure and conviviality when practiced by many. Sports are often used to lose weight, but sports activities are not only used to lose a few drops. Sport is much more than that …

Sport: a philosophy of life

“Mens sana in corpore sano” translated as “a healthy mind in a healthy body” is a quote that summarizes all the philosophy of sport practiced intelligently. What is essential to health and to feel good in one’s body and head is to move. You do not have to run to the choking, to climb the top of a rock or to swim miles to say ” I did sports “!

Doing sport without suffering is an art that consists in knowing how to manage efforts in relation to one’s physical abilities.

Soft activities for a fun sport

For that nothing is better than gentle sports activities to feel good. Gymnastics, stretching, yoga, walking, shopping … maintain physical and mental fitness. The water aerobics is also a great activity for the water mass and stimulates the muscles. The yoga is a perfect example that harmoniously combines movement coordination with the mind. A moment of silence, concentration and an appeasement for oneself, to practice alone or in groups.

Recreational sports

Activities can be semi-sportive like hiking, cycling, snowshoeing … It all depends on the effort and the time spent. Cycling in the countryside is a pleasant and possible activity at any age but participating in a cycling race is another matter. The same applies to all activities that may be practiced in a gentle or more intense manner.

More extreme sports

There are more intense sports that provide maximum sensation such as climbing, parachuting, riding, canyoning … These are sports that require skill training and training. We do not go on a horseback riding without having undergone a training beforehand. The essential thing is to apprehend this kind of activity gradually, gently so as not to suffer an injury or to get hurt. The first time a coach or guide is needed to get to know his limits, his abilities to improve his performance without “suffering too much”.

Prevention is better than cure

Whichever sport is practiced, soft or more extreme, Rule No. 1 is to warm the muscles , to stretch, to hydrate well and to eat slow sugars . This avoids breakdowns, pain, aches and strokes.

To do sport without suffering, it is recommended not to aim for performance or to want to exceed others but to set personal goals and to progress according to one’s rhythm and desire.

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