How to Road Trip Around Australia for $1 A Day

Everyone wants to road trip on a budget, no? Even if you have plenty of money in savings, when it comes to driving around in a campervan hire Australia, you still want to cut back on expenses.

campervan hire Australia

What if someone told you that you could travel around Australia for a dollar a day, would you believe them? Here’s how it could be possible:

  • Avoid taking tours to places or activities that charge. Instead look for free entry to parks, activities, and events. Australia is full of great tours that while fun may not be all that exciting for you. If you like the outdoors, look for places where you can explore and hike without having to worry about paying any kind of fee or tour payment. You can still have a blast getting to know some of Australia’s finest destinations and be able to save money doing it.
  • Share your vehicle and have friends pitch in. If you’re renting a campervan hire Australia, you may find that petrol will amount to a bit more than a $1 a day. To avoid spending too much on fuel, invite some friends on the trip with you. It will be a lot more fun and with everyone helping with the cost, you’ll be able to relax and spend less.
  • Pack your food for the trip. Instead of eating out on your trip, pack your food beforehand. Go grocery shopping to get the essentials and avoid the cost that comes from eating out on the road.

The Best Way to Road Trip for a Dollar a Day

Relocate campervans for a $1 a day

Many campervan hire companies need their campervans relocated, as many people who road trip in them will arrive to their desired destination and then take an alternate route or travel method to get back home. Because of this, you may be able to travel around to your favorite spots while returning the campervan. It’s a great way to see the country while also cutting back on the cost of travel.

Some things to consider when making a decision on whether you want to travel Australia this way are:

  • Do you like the route that is being offered? You may have your ideal trap all mapped out but if you choose to relocate a campervan, the route will be planned out for you already. While most companies will allow for extra time for you to enjoy visiting different spots, they won’t deviate much from the set route.
  • Does the route provide you with time to see some trip highlights and relax? Make sure to take the time to determine whether the desired route and timetable allows you time to relax and get to see some highlights. The whole point of traveling this way is to be able to explore Australia on a cheaper budget than you would otherwise. If you don’t have time to enjoy, is it worth it?
  • Do you mind not having all the comfort and luxuries of a high-end RV rental? If you want to have the most comfortable bed and luxury galore in your RV while traveling, the campervan relocation option is not for you. While it is comfortable enough for sleeping in every night, it isn’t the kind of “moving house” that a luxury motorhome is. If you’re fine with “roughing” it in a campervan to be able to get to know Australia on a budget, then you’ll be just fine.
  • Make sure to investigate where you will park for the night, before your trip. If you try to wing it and try to find an affordable or free place to park, you may not get lucky and will end up spending a lot. Find out where it’s legal to park for free in the cities that you want to visit or pinpoint the more affordable campgrounds before traveling.
  • Check out companies that pay for the petrol for your trip. As nice as it is to travel on 1 dollar a day in your campervan, you know that fuel is costly, so how do you get around this expense? There are some campervan rental companies that will pay for the fuel on your trip. You’re benefiting their business by bringing them the vehicle, so it isn’t much for them to help you fill up along the way.

Just because you have yet to have an account full of life savings doesn’t mean that you can’t start road tripping on a budget. The above tips will help you to be able to see the country in the best way possible: a campervan hire Australia. It’s a great destination with plenty of fabulous places to explore and relocating a campervan is an affordable way to do it. Happy travelling!

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