How to style for your evening function

Your Smile Grace and accessories Make You a Diva

Roses are red violets are blue unleash the diva in you. The first thing a diva should know is what she wants. Fashion involves the current trends but the style is your individual taste. Your style is developed over time. It makes you look good and feel confident. Change your mindset try on clothes and accessorize with different styles. Never say you’re too old or too young to pull off a certain style. Be adventurous and try new colors and styles. Your smile, outfit, accessories and grace help you become a diva.

How to style for your evening function

Accessories make the outfit!

Consider what you want to draw attention to. You can add a beautiful scarf around your neck in order to bring attention to your face. Add some medium sized earrings and a bright colored Womens bags to complete your diva look. An exclusive tip just for you is to buy your accessories with your outfit. Try to at least buy your accessories the very same day. This makes it easier for you to put together your overall look. You are more likely to repeat your accessories with other outfits.

Make a Statement

Be bold and incorporate a piece in your accessories that will get you noticed. Wear a designer scarf tied to your bag to give yourself a signature look. Animal prints, leather, and fur are dramatic looks that will get you noticed. If you’re on a budget but you want to dress like a diva try shopping in the junior’s section. The clothes in this section are fun and usually lower cost. The accessories in the junior section are also fun to wear. 

Choose wisely

Shop the new fashion trends to get to know what’s in style. However, choose the style that looks great on you. Ask yourself do I feel beautiful wearing this outfit? Do I get compliments on my appearance? What are my friends saying about how I look?

Shop with your BFF

Take along your friend and try on several outfits with different accessories ask for their honest opinion. Trust what they say and go with it. You may try on something new that is unusual for you. The Idea behind this tip is trying new things to discover a new style. You may come across a style you love. For example, if your wardrobe filled with blue jeans and you were going on a romantic date. Try on a little black dress and match it with the perfect stud earrings and a mini forte tote.

Record your Style

Take the time to create a style journal to keep a record of what you own. This gives you the ability to mix and match different colors and styles to create the perfect style for you. This is an awesome way to put a look together and know what you are looking for when you go shopping. This is a great organizing tool to help you shop smarter not harder. It’s a great tool to bring along with you to help you decide what to buy.

Organization Is Key

This principle is important when choosing the right accessories for the perfect outfit. A great tip for the closet organization is to use hooks to hang scarfs, belts, bags, and jewelry. You can organize them by color, style or season. The possibilities are endless to your closet organization. A shoe rack is a perfect solution to organize your shoes.

Buy What You Love

Amen. So many women buy clothes they don’t love and hate it by the time they get home. Only buy clothes and accessories that you would love to actually wear. Buy your favorite colors and styles. Don’t just buy something that’s on sale. Buy your clothes and accessories with a purpose. Buy the perfect pair of shoes that you look forward to wearing. Your shoes and handbag make the outfit casual or evening look.

Make a Fashion Goal/Resolution

You can decide to treat yourself to a designer bag. You can place a picture of your bag in your fashion journal. You may feel awkward if it’s your first one. Or you may feel like the queen diva you are. Every diva needs a designer bag to finish off her her perfect outfit and shoes.

Don’t Over Do It

Shop at stores that you will be comfortable at. Go to places with excellent customer service and attentive sales associates. As opposed to discount outlets where you serve yourself. You will pay more for your clothes but it’s priceless to get a helpful sales associate to help you shop. A good sales associate will give you honest feedback to help you look your best.

Your style is unique to your individual likes or dislikes. Fashion trends are wonderful to track but ask yourself if you really like to wear the trend. Keep an open mind about trying new styles and trends. However, know what you want and stay true to yourself. An outfit comes to life with your personality and grace. You make the outfit look good with a bright smile and the perfect accessories.

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