How To Train And Have Physical Activity At Work?

Did you know that you could do sport at the office?

  • How to do sports in the workplace?
  • Physical exercises that can be done at the office
  • Bring a certified sports coach to the lunch break
  • Prefer walking and stairs
  • Be inventive
  • How to do sport outside of its working hours?

Between work, personal life and our many diverse and varied activities, it is not always easy to create time for oneself, especially for  sports . The answer that fuses most often when asking someone why he does not get back to his favorite sport is actually the lack of time.

More than  42% of the French say they are running out of time  because of a frenzied daily rhythm and an increase in the amount of time spent on transport, whether by car or by public transport.

Difficult to actually do sports for a couple living in the Paris region and making morning and evening 1h30 of subway or RER! Add to that the fact that you have to go and get your children when you get back from work, the niches for sports in the day are simply going to disappear!

But then, when you work between 7 and 8 hours a day , or even more,  when to do sports  ?

There are several solutions:

  • Learn to  organize yourself according to your schedules  and come sooner or finish later in the office to do your sporting practice in a company infrastructure (if it has the financial means),
  • Have a sports coach come  to your company, 
  • Perform small exercises in your office , out of sight or with your colleagues according to the desire: these are small movements that can be realized every day and that bring a real benefit on your fitness at work. With an overworked schedule, sports in the office often becomes the best solution to keep a positive mindset and feel good about your sneakers, so say so!

The benefits of doing sports in the office:

  1. Easing the Head in a Professional Setting
  2. Improve your general well-being
  3. Achieving Business Objectives

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