How to Use a Glasswasher

A glasswasher is a must-have item in any business where you receive a high volume of drink orders, so they are essential for pubs, restaurants, hotels, clubs and bars. They are much more efficient at doing the job than a dishwasher, as glasswashers only take two minutes whereas dishwashers take much much longer to complete a full wash cycle.

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The Difference Between a Glasswasher and Dishwasher

The difference between a glasswasher and a dishwasher is that glasswashers are specifically designed to wash glasses, so they don’t wash at such a high temperature as a dishwasher does to clean plates, which can damage glasses. If you already own a dishwasher, think of how your own glasses at home come out. Slightly murky and streaky spring to mind? Basically, they never look as clean and shiny as they did when you bought them. This is why glasswashers are so beneficial, as they not only finish their entire wash cycle in two minutes but also reduce the risk of damage to the glasses, thus reducing the need for constant polishing and replacements.

If you are looking to replace an item, you could recycle your old one.

How Do You Use a Glasswasher?

Glasswashers are extremely simple to operate, as you simply have one installed in your establishment (bar, club, restaurant, hotel or pub) that suits the size of space you have available and amount of demand there will be (think number of glasses). Empty glasses of liquid and rubbish left after use, and simply stack them on to the roller drawer of the glasswasher. When the drawer is completely full or you’ve stacked in as many as you need to wash, roll it back into the machine, shut the door and hit the wash cycle button to get the machine to turn on and operate. After two minutes, return to find clean glasses.

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An important note to remember is that glasswashers are, as their name suggests, only designed for glasses – not plates, cutlery or mugs. So don’t get tempted to load those in as well, as it won’t work. If you are looking for a dishwasher to do that job, then you could try for Commercial Dishwashers.

It’s important to keep your glasswasher cleaned and serviced on a regular basis so that it continues functioning at its best.

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