Indian Rail Travel: Some Useful Tips

Traveling through India on a train is a wonderful experience. However, given the hustle and bustle of train stations, it is always good to be prepared. When you’re taking a journey on a long-distance train, the question of what you will do for the duration is haunting as well. There are some basic tips that you can follow to ensure you have a wonderful journey.

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  • Firstly, always ensure you know the exact details of your journey. This includes the departure and arrival times and stations to the duration of the journey and the availability of food on the train itself. By checking the live train status, you can ensure you are not caught off guard by any delays in the train timings.
  • Always keep a good book with you. Traveling on the train gives you a lot of time to engage with a good story if you aren’t in the mood to be part of the various stories playing out around you inside the train.
  • There will be a lot of opportunity for socializing within the train. If you enjoy making conversation, you can be sure that you won’t be without someone to talk to. Your companions will almost always be interested in talking to you and finding out more about you to pass the time on the journey. You may have some fascinating conversations during the duration of a train journey.
  • The Indian Railways does provide meals on the train. If you don’t wish to eat from the catering department, you have the option of using various other food delivery services to place your order and pick it up at the next station. This ensures you will always have a variety of choices.
  • Food vendors walk through the compartments regularly. You can buy snacks and drinks from them. It is a good idea to keep some small change on you for these purchases since they might not have change for higher denominations. Since there is the possibility that train stations are few and far between at certain times of the journey, it is better not to discard the possibility that you would want something to eat during these times.
  • Generally, a lot of people tend to go to sleep around 9.30 pm. If you are on an overnight train, be prepared for this. You can always continue reading with a personal light near your berth. However, the common lights are generally switched off around this time.
  • There could be snorers in your compartment. To defend against this possibility, if you are a light sleeper, ensure you have a pair of earplugs with you.
  • There are two toilets on the train which are shared between the males and females. It is better to use the squat toilets as opposed to western toilets since they are the cleaner and more hygienic option.
  • Always keep your luggage and valuables locked and away from common vision. Theft on the train is not something rare. Even if your traveling companions are honest, thieves may come into the train during the night.

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