Instant Roofusing Corrugated Plastic Sheets

To make an instant shielding we use corrugated plastic sheets. Mostly, these plastic sheets are used as roof for vehicles, birds and animals. It is also temporarily used for constructing small shelters. Corrugated plastics are reusable, durable and cost effective. The trade names of this material is, corriflute and corriboard.It is highly more protective than glass, but less effective than plywood. Colour maintenance is not essential for corrugated plastic sheets, it is radiant. There are so many leading manufacturers of plastic corrugated sheets in Malaysia.

Corrugated plastic sheets are high impact twinwall plastic sheets and they are highly useful in agriculture, automotive, packaging and graphic arts.There are two primary types of corrugated plastic sheets. The single layer plastic corrugated sheets are primarily used for the roofing of garages and latrines. The two layer sheets are often referred to as twinwall plastic.Corrugated plastic sheets typically comprise three layers, two flat sheets and a ribbed center layer. It is manufactured in a range of colours and thickness varies along the cost.

Materials used in the manufacture of strong corrugated plastic sheets include, Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Versatile thermoplastics. The component polypropylene is resistant to most chemical spills, normal temperature changes. It can be improved to provide a number of other resistances, such as Ultra-Violent radiations, anti-static and fire resistance.Polycarbonate may also be used in making corrugated plastic sheets, but it is an extremely less flexible type of plastic. It has low tolerance against impact and brittleness.Corrugated plastic sheets made from Polypropylene is capable of recycling and it is in useful in,

  • Buildings
  • Humanitarian relief
  • Packaging
  • Signage
  • Pet enclosures
  • Hobby applications
  • Medical

Plastic corrugated sheet is used as roofing sunrooms and also used for small structures like greenhouses. When compared to wooden materials, these sheets easy to carry and install. Corrugated plastic sheets are eco-friendly in nature and it is very helpful in packaging. You can sort these sheets as, storage component and pet enclosure. Using a hobby knife, you can easily cut, staple and stich. It is converted into box, tray, partition reinforce with aluminium frames. It allows easy handling, arranging storing and stacking. For storing, sensitive electronic components, electronic static discharge boxes are manufactured using corrugated plastic sheets.

The advantages of Polypropylene corrugated plastic sheets are well-known in agriculture, construction industries, agricultural and seafood, stationary and metal stamping. It is extensively useful to store electronic components, automotive parts, steel, wire rope, garment, and food, etc. Plastic corrugated boxes are used widely in many fields. The benefits of using corrugated boxes are, durable, long life cycle, cost efficient and environmental friendly. Corrugated boxes are not suitable for packaging heavy items because it is less endurance to mechanical stress. It may get deformed under heavy pressure.

Corrugated plastic sheets are useful in making temporary shelters and gives a great relief during earthquake, floods and disaster. Many organizations are using plastic corrugated sheets in Malaysia in different formats. Plastic corrugated boxes are very convenient for packaging, loading and unloading. At the same time, for packaging heavy goods, it is not comfortable.

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