Interesting Facts About Gravity

There are various interesting facts that make this universe a phenomenal place. Physics is a subject that can explain some interesting facts happening around us. From gravity to nuclear fusion we can now prove various interesting concepts with the help of physics.

Interesting Facts About Gravity

For a long period of time, scientists and researchers knew that there was some mysterious force that keeps everything on the Earth’s surface. It was in the year 1666 that Sir Isaac Newton mathematically proved the gravitational force which is now known as Newton’s laws of universal gravitation. But gravity is much more than an apple falling from a tree. Some interesting facts about gravity are given in the points mentioned below.

  • The understanding of gravitational force started at the end of 16th century with the work of Galileo.
  • It is gravity that keeps planet Earth and other planets in the solar system in the orbit around the Sun.
  • Tides occur because of the Earth’s rotation and the gravitational effects of the Sun and the Moon.
  • On Titan (Saturn’s moon) the gravity is so low and the atmosphere is so thick that a person could fly in its air by flapping “wings” attached to arms.
  • As Mars has very low gravity compared to Earth, a human of 200 pounds would weigh only 76 pounds on Mars.
  • The gravitational force that works on black holes is the strongest gravitational force known in the entire universe.
  • Astronauts don’t drink carbonated drinks or soda in space as there is no gravity to separate the gas and the liquid.
  • Gravity travels at the speed of light.
  • The human body can’t function effectively without the gravitational force because we are optimized to function in the gravity of Earth.
  • Gravity helps and guides in the growth of plants.
  • Astronauts can feel 90% of Earth’s gravity on the ISS (International Space Station).
  • Gravity has the ability bend light.
  • The gravity of the Moon is the reason that makes the Earth’s oceans bulge.
  • Extreme gravity has the power to tear whole star systems into pieces
  • The range of gravity is infinite.

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