Must read if you are expecting

Must Read If You Are Expecting – Maternity Clothes


Pregnancy is one of the fundamental and most primal and innate occurrences is a woman’s life. It is a beautiful miracle and there are multiple considerations to be made to promote an enjoyable and healthy pregnancy. Once of these considerations are proper maternal clothes. Old clothes sizes are almost never the same during the peak of a pregnancy and this should be given proper consideration. Also, many underestimate how being comfortable in attire is important to the stress of the mother and the overall health of the unborn child.

The self esteem and image of the woman is another important consideration and looking the beautiful glowing maternal part can be critical to the mental health of the soon to be or already mother. A woman is only pregnant for 9 months, but most women will become pregnant more than once in their life-time. With this being a repeated process throughout life, a woman should make considerations for maternal clothes being practical and logical throughout child bearing years and beyond. Maternity clothes like the ones offered at are ideal for maternity shopping.

Must read if you are expecting

Size Change During Pregnancy

It is recommended that most women gain approximately 30 pounds during pregnancy (WebMD). This number is typically higher as many women gain more weight during pregnancy than recommended. This will leave many shirts, pants, and other garments unusable during this time-frame as women with child will gain considerable weight. This makes a necessity of securing maternal clothes very important. The simple act of wearing clothes keeps us warm, protected, and falls under many social norms in modern society. Not considering these changes will have some mothers reach the point where they have nothing to wear simply because they can not fit their old clothes. This is something that should be addressed and properly prepared for beforehand. If a 120 lb women goes to over 160lbs with a swoll belly, even simply increasing sizes will not be the most appropriate adjustment. Women who gain weight in typical places during a pregnancy will have stagnated proportions that simple size increase will not accommodate. This requires the need for special maternity clothes that are created for the specific growth of a pregnant woman. These clothes will be looser around the belly and also consider possible proportions in other areas, that women who are simply bigger will not have to deal with.

Being Comfortable

Being comfortable during a pregnancy is also important not only to the mother, but also to the unborn child. Clothes that are too tight around the waist may have detrimental effects on the fetus. This restraint can stunt oxygen of the child and the overall health while being nurtured in the womb. Not being comfortable can also add to the stress of the mother which has also been linked to negative aspects of the nurturing of the child. Maternity clothes make these considerations the forefront of development for the garments of pregnant mothers. These clothes are comfortable, loose fitting, and recommended for pregnant ladies. The first trimester may be survived without any negative results with old or regular clothes, but the second and third trimesters often need special accommodation.

Looking Pretty While Pregnant

The stress level and mental health of the parent is many times influenced by the self image of the respective mother. It is already a heavy load for many women to deal with gaining weight. Even without the added pressure of hormones and being pregnant, many women are concerned with their weight and perception of attractiveness. During the delicate months of pregnancy, the focus should not only be to promote being comfortable and being able to fit in decent clothes, but also to look good. Having maternity clothes that doesn’t make you look like a grandma in house clothes is a strong reassurance that pregnancy is beautiful. Most people acknowledge that a pregnant woman is the peak of femininity, maternity, and beautiful. There is little argument that a semi nude pregnant woman showing her baby tummy is beautiful and proper maternity clothes should exemplify this same beauty.

Durability of Clothes and Future Pregnancies

Some mothers to be take short cuts with maternity clothes and simply buy bigger clothes that aren’t specifically meant for a woman with child. This may also include buying unattractive looking hand me downs, as they view it as a temporary fix. This should not be the perspective as most women will carry more than one child in their lifetime. Investing in quality and long lasting maternity clothes will bring years and even decades of joy and usefulness in the future. Most women maintain a similar body weight and go back to it after pregnancy. This may put the logic of maternity clothes being like a prom/wedding dress; something only wore once. Even those garments are often given more care and consideration than maternity clothes and this shouldn’t be the case as pregnancy can be a multiple occurring instance over many child bearing years. Even if a woman feels she is pregnant with her last child, high quality maternal clothes can be passed down for generations to come.

Cost Efficiency

The cost efficiency of buying high quality maternal clothes over cheaper ones has many benefits. The obvious benefit is cost as a young woman with multiple pregnancies in her future would be better off buying clothes that will last that test of time. Re-buying cheap maternal clothes every pregnancy will ironically be more expensive than higher quality garments. Properly investing and taking care of higher quality and stylish maternity clothes will leave more dollars in the pocket at the end of child bearing years and perhaps for the family in a legacy perspective.


Maternity clothes are necessary for expecting mothers to promote comfort, ease, minimal stress, and more during pregnancy. These clothes should last and even perhaps be re-sold or passed down to other family members or loved ones. A mother should not only feel comfortable in the skin they are in, but also the clothes they are in. Proper attention to this important aspect of expecting will promote a beautiful and stress free experience through the potential rough time.

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