New Gifts? No Problem! Organize with These Tricks

The gift giving spirit of the holiday season is one of the most exciting parts for kids and parents, alike. After all, who doesn’t like being surprised with a new shirt or gadget to play with?

But something we don’t often think about is the struggle of finding room for all of our new gifts once Christmas and the holidays are over. Not everyone has space for new shirts, new toys, or new electronics around the house.

Thankfully, there are some easy ways to make room for all new gifts without your home becoming cluttered.

  1. Out with The Old

Some gifts should be taken as replacements rather than as additions to your home. If you receive a new clock, pair of slippers, or another item that you really only need one of as a gift, get rid of the old. Keeping your worn-out items can be great for sentimental purposes, but these types of duplicate items will only unnecessarilyclutter up your home.

Donate your old items to a local charity. This will allow you to help others while keeping your home from being too crowded after the holiday season.

New Gifts? No Problem! Organize with These Tricks

  1. Make Space Before the Holidays

Another great way to make sure you have room for gifts is to make room before the holidays begin. This could mean donating items, if there are things you or your family no longer use or that have been outgrown.

If you don’t have items you no longer need, you can still make more space for new gifts. Organize your closets and wardrobes now and you’ll be better able to accommodate new items you or your children receive. Tidier spaces can fit more into them, so make sure to do this early in the season.

  1. Keep Clothes in The Right Places

When you have one or more kids (and their friends or cousins) running around your home, it’s easy to wind up with clothing in all the wrong places.

One great way to avoid this problem is to label all of your children’s clothes with school name tags. Using tags that won’t fade or wash away when clothes are laundered will help to ensure that every article of clothing finds its way back to the right spot at the end of the day (view more on name labels).

Plus, if you find any clothes without a tag, you’ll know that they don’t belong in your home. Then you can return them to their proper owner.

  1. Set Up New Spaces

You aren’t going to be able to find a spot for every new holiday item in your home immediately. That can be frustrating for parents that like to keep their house’s tidy.

Instead of worrying about finding the perfect place for every new toy, book, or piece of clothing, set up a space where each family member can put their new items until there is a space for them.

Using plastic storage bins and school name tags, create a tub for each family member. When you bring home Christmas gifts or new items found on sale on the store, put them in these tubs if you can’t find a spot for them.

Once you have a few days to think about it, the right place for these new items will surely appear. And in the meantime, your home will stay neat!

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