Pastor Ron Hindt Helps to Strengthen One’s Faith in God

The health of the spiritual life of a person is as important as is his/her physical and emotional life; but unfortunately people are not really bothered about it. The outward things or material things play a far more crucial role in every individual’s life than the religious. Religion has been in fact, reduced to a thing that most people do in imitation of a larger section of the society. People have literally lost all contact with God, Pastor Ron Hindt the founder of the Calvary community church, based in Houston Texas, helps you rejuvenate this lost relationship with God and strengthen your faith in God.

The initial days of the prime years of his life, Ron Hindt spent as a rock musician, but fortunately he felt the need for Jesus in his life and turned to be a pastor in 1980, and served as an assistant pastor at Calvary Chapel Pacific Hills, California. From here he went on to lay the foundation of a community church known by the name of Calvary Community church in Houston, Texas, which to this day stands stall and has been instrumental in changing the lives of numerous individuals.

Narrow Down Your Distance With God- Pastor Ron Hindt Shows How?

Coming in close proximity with God is not a marathon task, but most people are willing to dedicate hours of their life to some unproductive and adrenalin satisfying work instead spending a few minutes in quietness with the Lord. God does not require you to spend huge amounts of money, or make any sacrifice in your life to listen to Him. All He asks for is some time with Him and to try and listen to what He has to Say to every individual.

The community church of Houston, Calvary, helps one spend this fruitful time with God by organizing worship services. These worship services are replete with the praise and adoration of God through lively songs and the reading of the word of God in the Bible. The word of God could be said to be the foundation of every Christian life, the Bible serves as the source of this and thus the Bible becomes a very important part of the Christian community.

The Bible contains elaborate details of the events that occurred before Jesus come into the Earth, the episodes during the birth of Jesus, the things that happened while Jesus spent His life as a human, and also a detailed description of Heaven and how things are going to be in the afterlife.  The connection with humans has always been very strong from God’s side; it was man who always took himself away from God by doing that which was against God.

The distance between man and God was created by the first parents, Adam and Eve, and since then man had to suffer a lot of God’s wrath. However, this anger of God was soothed with the coming of Jesus on Earth and that is when God’s merciful and benevolent love for his greatest creations, mankind was revealed. So, it is high time that men believe in this and go back to strengthening their relationship with and to get a blissful life.

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