Plants & Animals- Their Valuable Contribution To Humans On Earth!

Human beings get the food they need to sustain themselves from the world of plants and animals. These living organisms give themselves up in a scared manner for the purpose of providing nutrition to humans. The members of the Harley Reagan Quodoushka Deer Tribe Swiftdeer Group, an international spiritual community, say people must realize these plants and creatures also have a consciousness. This is in addition to their substance form. Although, these individuals think they are consuming only the substance form of plants and creatures around them, these organisms are actually releasing their spirituality. This is what gives humans nutrition and life.

Live and dead food

The followers of this spiritual group go on to explain that people need to understand that food they eat to survive can either live or dead. In both cases, they have to cook it thoroughly before consuming it. However, it is important for these individuals to realize the manner in which they prepare their food determines how spirituality in these living organism goes into them. Only then do they get the nutrition they need to cope with the rigors of life. This is the reason why in all religious faith people say a small pray as gesture of their gratitude to these departed souls for giving them the sustenance they need.

Unfortunately, in today’s faced paced human existence, people are depending on processed food they find in restaurants and supermarkets. These followers say that no love or compassion goes into preparing such foods as all the ingredients are thrown into an assembly line for mass production. They go on to explain that unlike previous generations few family members sit together on the same table in front of a loving meal. They also fail to focus on offering their gratitude to Grandmother Earth for providing them with such nutrition. Today, people are having their meals within their tight working schedules whether it is attending board meeting, picking up children from school or exercising in a gym. They need to remember that their bodies carry the radiance of food they eat.

Giving thanks

The way people eat it their food on their table can enable them to connect with Grandmother Earth in a profound way. This is the reason why the members of this international spiritual group encourage their followers to sit together when they eat and look at the food items on their each of their plates. They should envision the natural form of such plants and animals. They need to reflect for a few moments on the preciousness, tenderness and sweetness of every food item they usually do not consider in their daily lives. This enable them to honor such dead living organisms from the bottom of their hearts.

When human beings are able to connects with such plants and creatures, they get more than just nutrition from the give-away of such organisms. The members of Harley Reagan Quodoushka Deer Tribe Swiftdeer Group explain that they undergo a process of communication that exceeds the physical form.

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