Recharge Your Metro Card online & save time & money

Metro trains are no more fantasy in Indian cities now. People in metro cities are frequently using metro trains to save time & money. The metro corporations have added online payment options to make metro card recharge easier for consumers. The commuters can recharge their metro card directly from mobile apps like Paytm without any hassles. Paytm has partnered with these corporations of Delhi, Mumbai & Hyderabad to allow online recharge of metro cards through their digital wallet. If you are a regular commuter, you can go for this recharge option to avoid long queue and save time in train stations.

Recharge Your Metro Card online & save time & money

Here are the simple steps to recharge your metro card online through paytm

Step 1 Metro Recharge is very simple as doing other recharges online through paytm. You have to follow these steps:

  • Open your Paytm website or app and click on metro.
  • Select the operator.
  • Enter your card number (You will find it on your metro card )
  • Enter the recharge amount
  • Click on proceed to pay

 Step 2 Choose a payment option according to your convenience. You can pay using e-wallet amount. If there is insufficient balance in your wallet, you can pay via online banking & BHIM UPI. You will get a confirmation on this.

Step 3 The recharge process of your metro card is not yet over with the confirmation. The last step has to be carried out physically at the station. The user needs to place the card on the add value machine in the metro station. The recharge is now completed.

Few tips to Save Money while recharging a Metro Smart Card Online

Traveling through metro train is now a compulsion for most of the commuters. It is a daily activity thus most of the daily visitors use the  smart cards because they are easy to use, easy to carry, cost-effective as well as they have some additional discount offered by the corporation. Now, by following above steps you need not stand in the queues to buy tickets daily. Moreover, you can even save more if you want to recharge smart card online. Here are few tips you should follow to save money:

1. E-wallets: – Add money to your metro card with the website & apps like Paytm. They offer some additional discount while recharging card online. The discounts may be in terms of instant cash back or coupon.

  1. Coupon search: –you can also search for coupons separately on Google. You can get websites or apps offering coupon codes that can be used for getting additional cash back or discounts.
  2. Payment gateways: –The corporations have their own website to facilitate the online payments of the these cards and these websites have tie-ups with payment gateways. Sometime these payment gateways offer an additional discount if their gateways are used to add balance to your smart card.
  3. Credit cards: –You can get reward points & other benefits when you add money to your card with a credit card.

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