School catering team receives five-star rating

The Love Leigh Diner is celebrating after receiving its latest top award from the Food Standards Agency.

Leading the way

Paving the way for other schools to follow suit, Westbury Leigh Primary School in Wiltshire has once again received a five-star rating for hygiene. The catering team working at the school, known as the Love Leigh Diner, said the wide range of fresh food available, both hot and cold, was behind their success. Catering Manager Helen Plows expressed her delight with the top score.

Plows stated that the rating meant that pupils, staff and parents could be reassured that the catering team held the highest of standards when it came to school meals. Staff and pupils are very appreciative of this. Their meals are very popular, especially the roast dinners that are served on Thursdays. If they thought dinner times were busy now, they may soon be in for even more of an influx of diners given the excellent rating achieved.

Making improvements

If you run a food establishment, it’s worth taking note of the Love Leigh Diner’s success. With calls for restaurants and takeaways to clearly display their hygiene ratings to ensure that their customers are aware of the cleanliness of the establishment, now is as good of a time as any to clean up your act if you don’t yet hold a five-star rating. After all, a customer will likely take their business elsewhere if they are not satisfied with the rating given by the Food Standards Agency, especially if it becomes law for it to be clearly put on show for all to see.

Making sure you serve a wide range of freshly prepared food is just one of the other ways to help raise your rating. Ensuring that food is stored correctly is also imperative. A Chilled Counter, such as those found at, is just one piece of equipment that you shouldn’t be without if you plan to serve cold items. Make sure you use other specialist equipment to eliminate cross-contamination to keep the food you store and serve safe for consumption.

If you haven’t quite hit the top rating for your establishment, now’s the time to take a leaf out of Westbury Leigh Primary School’s book as their simple yet effective approach has paid off.

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