Six benefits of park home living

Let’s just take a look at some of the advantages of choosing a park home, and dispel some of the myths.

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Financial benefits
Six benefits of park home living
1) If we take a look at the cost of a typical house in Gloucestershire, one of the regions with a park homes site, the figures are very clear. Just read more detail here: There is definitely a need for more affordable housing, and this is a gap that park homes neatly fill. They cost substantially less than the bricks and mortar equivalent in terms of size.

2) In addition, the cost often includes the furnishings, meaning that buyers have the possibility of selling any furniture that they currently own. Another financial benefit is the cost of heating and other bills; these can be reduced as park homes are built with good insulation and energy efficiency inherent in the design. There are many eco-friendly energy options which are used in park homes, including solar energy, small wind turbines and the re-use of rainwater.

3) There is, of course, the possibility of finding somewhere smaller and more manageable for retirement years; downsizing is a good idea, but the space in a park home can be more flexible than in a traditional house. Because they are built for modern living, they are more economical on space than bricks and mortar. The garden space will be smaller, so savings in maintenance and upkeep are to be made here too.

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Quality of life

4) If you choose from available park homes for sale Gloucester and surrounds offer value and space equal to an apartment in the city. However, you will always have an outside green space and somewhere to park your car. Just take a look at some of the options here:

5) Park home life will be quieter than in the city. All homes are detached and have some land surrounding them. They are also located out of town centres and away from main roads. Consider too that most of the residents will be older or retired.

6) You will be safe and secure in your park home with wardens on site at times, monitored CCTV and parking permit systems in place. There is also a sense of community, with neighbours all around and some organised clubs and social activities.

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