Smartphone; Your best metro companion

Since the inception of smartphones, they are most closely knitted to us. They have today become somebody who knows us inside out. Whether it’s our secrets or our dark fears, they have everything saved within themselves. It has even helped us to not only pass our time but use our time wisely whenever we are free.

Smartphone; Your best metro companion
Every day even before our family, we tend to greet our smartphones, either through the irritating alarm or through our loved one’s first morning text. They have transformed our lives and have somehow made us independent. We no longer hang our heads while travelling alone. We have our package of entertainment hitched to our hips anytime and every time.
Delhi metros have indubitably made a smaller world whereas smartphones have made this smaller world even closer. We reach our destinations in no time due to a heavy list of features our phone offers. Discussed below are a few amazing ways, mentioning the wise usage of smartphone while travelling.

  1. Music- No matter if its hip-hop or rock, your smart device works as per your preferences. All you need is a pair of earphones and a reputed music application. Gaana, Wynk, Soundcloud are some amazing apps offering a wide range of songs. All you have to do is make a playlist of your preferred choice and rock on your metro journey. Steady internet connection can even help you watch videos along with songs on the very famous ‘Youtube’ browser. Apart from this, the apps even allow you to multitask along with listening to your favorite track.
  2. Gaming- What’s your take? Puzzle, action, adventure or combat?
    Your smart handset offers endless number of genres corresponding infinite games. All you have to do is set your choice look for some amazing options and get ready for an amazing dose of entertainment. It not only passes your time but helps in improving your concentration power, mental ability, mind reflexes and much more. One important thing every game freak must keep in mind is to buy a phone with ample storage.
  3. Browsing- No matter if your last night was filled with a terrified thought or you are habitual of reading the e-newspaper, your handy device has everything cooked for you. You have the most intelligent teacher travelling with you all the time. You can take knowledge on almost anything in this world through this device.
  4. Reading- Name your favorite author and your smartphone present him in front of you. Plenty of books are available online for free and for those which are not available, apps like kindle, bookari, nook etc make their way as shining armors. Carrying books is no longer a mandate. Also, reading them is also not necessary. You can easily listen to the recorded versions of your favorite drafts.
  5. Chatting and Socializing – In the world of Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, everybody is an outspoken extrovert with a long list of friends. Metros are meant to get in touch with them and also give us a sneak peek into their lives. We can chat, comment, and even react on how we feel to see them after so long. These apps have let us make a stronger bond with our near and dear ones. Apart from this, we can also upgrade our own accounts by adding pictures and writing about ourselves in these accounts.
  6. Writing-Gone are the days when you needed a pleasant weather and an artistic diary accompanied with an archaic fountain pen. The important requisites of today include, a soothing music buzzing in our ears and probably a fast typing speed. Almost every smartphone comes with a section of notes, memo or diary where you can write your everyday stories. It doesn’t really matter if it’s your hobby or your profession; your best friend has everything ready to make you happy.

Did we ever think that travelling would one day become this easy and entertaining? We finally have an appropriate partner for our mood swings, which changes its way as per the mood demands. One most important factor we missed above includes the age old motive of smartphones; ‘Calling’. All of us of course know this clichéd mobile feature but mentioning it separately defines its mortal identity. You can call anyone you wish to through these devices and feel your loved ones presence with you throughout your journey. You can also equip yourself to the newer way of video calling, where you can watch and talk to your peeps. To make your journey a memorable one, you need to choose the best smartphone option available in the market. You can make a contemporary choice by having a glance at Xiomi, MI, Panasonic India smartphones, Oppo, Vivo and much more.

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