The Changing Trends of Air Travel

It’s all about smart air travel that gets you maximum value for your money. That’s why it’s important to know what you want to choose. Whether it’s students, working professionals or family trips, there’s something for everyone today. Here’s a glimpse into what people are choosing. 

Changing Trends of Air Travel go air

Innovative technologies have changed the face of air travel. The updates are coming in ever-increasingly and fliers are spoilt for choices. And it’s not just the in-flight experience that has changed significantly; it’s also the experience at the airports. Let’s just say, it’s becoming more luxurious. But does that mean people are paying more? Well, not always.

However, here’s a closer look at how air travel trends are changing.

  • What Are The Students Looking For? 

With a slew of affordable flights like GoAir, Indigo, Truejet and more out there, students are not worried about the time of travel anymore. They are ready to put their money on anything that gets them to the destination as long as the flight is reaching without delays. The interesting thing is, students now have plenty of choices, and some of them come with deals where they easily get cabs as a part of the package too.

  • Comfort is Key for Families

When families travel, they don’t want just cheap flight tickets but also look for comfort for kids. Is there ample space between rows, are the aisle seats worth paying extra for, etc. For families, it’s the infrastructure and comfort on board that makes the most value for money. There are many full-service airlines out there offering better seating arrangements with more legroom and cribs for babies.

  • Frequency Makes a Difference

This especially holds true for business travellers. With more and more airlines flying every few hours, especially in the domestic space, travellers are picking their options wisely. And, the options are many. For someone travelling from Mumbai to Delhi on a regular basis for work, comfort takes a backseat, and the frequency plays a major role.

  • Luxury Becomes Affordable

With airlines like Vistara Jet Airways and others, the concept of luxury is changing. Not cheap, but brands are surely making luxury affordable for fliers. Another twist to the story also is, people are willing to spend a little more to get exactly what they need. For instance, if you get an upgrade to business class by just paying a minimum fee, even as you fly, people are willing to do it. Also, airlines ensure that you are not overspending just on luxury. A lot of services are now also included in Economy and Premium Economy.

Web check-in, complimentary meals, tie-ups with brands, shopping sprees, there’s so much that has changed with respect to air travel. And it’s not just about the airlines anymore. These are interesting times for air travel as trends are based not just on affordability, but also service. Things are changing for the better and air travel is all about value for money.

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