‘The Foreigner’: Film Review

On shapetips.info, we all know that none of the James Bond fan would want to miss a chance to watch director Martin Campbell reuniting with hisstar Pierce Brosnan, with Jakie Chan. So, this is your chance to watch a not so perfect but worth it film ‘The foreigner’ if you are a true fan of action packed movies and along with that love Pierce Brosman.

The Foreigner- Adaptation and cast

In the latest release of Martin Campbell’s London-set, China-U.K. co-production ‘The Foreigner’ starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan is about a retired hitman avenging his daughter’s death. The story is based on ‘The Chinaman’ aStephen Leather ‘s 1992 novel. The story of the movie The Foreigner’s focus is on the struggle of Pierce Brosnan’sas terrorist-turned-politician to contain the fallout of a series of bomb attacks all over London. This is a situation that threatens his life as a government minister in Northern Ireland. I must say credit is due for the film’s attempt to adapt Stephen Leather’s story to current-day political situations. But the plot is complicated and draping.

This emphasis on Northern Ireland’s politics might have led to the movie’s below average performance in China. Having released on Sept. 30 on the country’s weeklong National Day holidays, the movie has only earned daily grosses half of those generated by the chart-topping moviesAnd this despite the film being released in 3D, some viewers might have expectedChan’s usual comic antics, which grossed $368 million in Railroad Tigers and Kung Fu Yoga.The movie should easily regain its reported $35 million budget in China alone.

The fans will embrace the movie release in Australia, U.S.A and Russia on Oct. 12 and 13. Even though, the British audiences who could potentially relate to the story are still out of The Foreigner’s equation, with release dates in the U.K. yetnot unconfirmed.

The Foreigner- Story line

In the opening scene, Chan, a London-based restaurateur Nguyen Minh Quoc is shown driving his daughter ’Fan’to a party. Just moments after saying goodbye to her, she was dead in a bomb attack at the restaurant. Chan then learns how terrorists from Northern Ireland set up the bombing. Mired in a feeling of grief Chan conveys surprisingly well, he drops everything and start getting more information about his daughter Fan’s killers.

His target is one Liam (Brosnan), a leading Northern Ireland politician. His secret dealings with the British authorities’ risk putting his career or even his life in danger. Hennessy meets Quoc but rejects his demand to know the identities of those who killed his daughter.

But he has surely underestimated this seemingly shy restaurant owner: Quoc’s swift revenge is to blow up the toilet of Hennessy’s office with a bomb created out of groceries. And this is just the start of Chan’s relentless campaign to force Hennessy to reveal the names.

The Foreigner- Review

The film, ‘The Foreigner’ seems like somewhat a straightforward journey of a father who loses his daughter turning him into a beast mode who then ruthlessly brings the pulse of anything that gets in his way to an end in the name of justice. A disappointing fact in the movie was Brosnan has not participated in any physical fights.

The movie doesn’t say much other than the extent to which a father would go to take revenge for his daughter’s murder, but its worth watching if you’re into decent action sequences. Don’t forget to read more movie reviews on www.shapetips.info

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