The Three Stages of Rehab

There are three primary stages of alcohol rehab and recovery. Each patient must work their way through each one as they begin their journey toward long-term sobriety. For some, the journey goes smoothly, while others may have to work through the three steps more than once before they finally realize true sobriety.


The first step in the recovery is detoxification. During the detox part of alcohol treatment, the drugs are allowed to dissipate from the system. The process is pushed forward through the use of a nutritious diet, exercise, and the natural metabolic processes of the body.


Once the patient has finished the detox portion of the program, their treatment begins. Treatment may begin during the detox period if the patient shows any sign that a health issue is present. Treatment is also offered if the symptoms associated with their detox becomes severe.


The last stage of alcohol recovery is aftercare. Aftercare doesn’t end when the person leaves the rehab center. It can continue on for many years. For some, the recovery process never ends. Once a person enters the aftercare phase, they must learn to function on their own, outside of treatment.

Understanding the three phases of most treatment plans is extremely important and will help the patient as they transition through each one. The lessons they learn will help them to grow and build a solid foundation of behaviors to use throughout their life. Inpatient alcohol rehab offers people who suffer from addiction a new lease on life. A new chance for building a better future.

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