Things to Avoid on Your Holiday to the Turks and Caicos

The small archipelago of 40 islands in the northeast of the Caribbean is known as The Turks and Caicos. Relatively unexplored by foreign tourists and offering some of the most luxurious travel experiences imaginable, this group of islands certainly has an appeal to holidaymakers. Several resorts line the beach offering the very highest level of service and comfort while an attractive turks and caicos beach house provide the ultimate vacationing experience. If you’re thinking of visiting this part of the world for your next holiday, check out the following things you should avoid at all costs in The Turks and Caicos.

turks and caicos beach house

Don’t Travel in Hurricane Season

Hurricane season in The Turks and Caicos lasts from June until November. And given its location, regular storms from the Atlantic Ocean can hit. The most recent was the devastating Hurricane Irma in 2017 that caused significant destruction across the island and the rest of the Caribbean. Not only can a big storm disrupt travel plans with flight cancellations but it can also be dangerous. Travelling to The Turks and Caicos during the peak of this season isn’t advisable,or you might end up worrying about what might happen.

Don’t Travel in Peak Season

Christmas and New Year are the most popular times to visit the Turks and Caicos. Large cruise ships appear on a regular basis at the island’s port,and much of the resorts and vacation rentals get fully booked. As a tourist, there’s a practically zero chance of any storms hitting the islands,and you’re almost guaranteed to have perfect weather. But the resorts feel crowded and your holiday will feel expensive. If you visit the island between March and May, after peak season and before the hurricanes, you can expect the prices of accommodation to plummet to half, if not a third, of its cost during peak season.

Don’t Be Disillusioned by the Cost of The Turks and Caicos

The Caribbean is a notoriously expensive place to take a holiday. And The Turks and Caicos make the other spots like Jamaica and Barbados look like a budget destination in comparison. If you do decide to take a vacation to this part of the Caribbean, you need to expect to spend several thousands of dollars. While you’ll get huge discounts outside of peak season, the price of food and drink, sightseeing and entertainment is often much higher than elsewhere. Read up online and make sure you’re familiar with how much the dream holiday will cost. Nobody wants to return home to find they overspent by thousands.

Don’t Forget to Bring Insect Repellent

The disadvantage of living in atropical climate is the number of insects including flies and mosquitoes. If you want to spend time relaxing on the beach, expect to be swarmed by flies and other forms of bugs. While this is a minor inconvenience, it’s easily avoided by carrying bug spray. But the real problems begin as the evening creeps into thenight,and the little bloodsuckers come out to feast. Those who want to dine al fresco or relax outside after dark needs to anticipate the vast number of mosquitoes. Bring repellent or mosquito coils to keep them away and wear something to cover your arms and legs.

Don’t Rely on Taxis

It’s easy to hail a cab in The Turks and Caicos and getting from one place to the next is fast and hassle-free. But the payment system might be different to what you’re familiar with. Rather than charge for the duration and distance, you need to pay for each person as well. As a solo traveller, this might not be such a big issue,and it should only cost a few dollars to get to your destination. But what about if you’re having a family holiday? Suddenly the price of a ten-minute cab ride comes to $40 or more!

Rent a Car, But Don’t Drive Everywhere

One of the most popular ways to explore the island is to rent a car. When arriving at the airport, you’ll be welcomed with several rental agencies. Having a set of wheels is a great way to give yourself the freedom and flexibility to explore on your own terms. But instead of driving everywhere, why not rent a bicycle for a few days? The roads are long, clear and in excellent condition making optimal conditions for cycling. Holidaymakers can combine exercise with a sustainable form of transport while experiencing some of the world’s most spectacular scenery from the saddle.

Don’t Miss Thursday Fish Fry

A weekly event takes place on Providenciales, the largest island, where vendors gather at Cheshire Hall. Not only can you get some delicious and relatively inexpensive street food but you’ll also get a cultural experience. Locals hang out while playing live music to create a fun and entertaining atmosphere. Visiting Thursday Fish Fry will give holidaymakers the opportunity to meet and see how the residents in this tropical paradise live.

Don’t Miss Out on Conch

Conch is a type of shellfish popular throughout the Caribbean. The Turks and Caicos are said to cook up some of the best in the region. You can find vendors selling this snack around the islands and in restaurants. Try Conch at least once on your trip to this part of the world.

Now You Know How to Have a Dream Holiday

The Turks and Caicos make a dream holiday destination for its beaches, untouched paradise and relatively lack of tourism. Just follow the above suggestions on what to avoid and you’recertain to have an incredible vacation.

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